KnectIQ SelectiveTRUST prevents credential misuse

KnectIQ has introduced SelectiveTRUST, the zero trust-based platform that prevents credential misuse to mount initial intrusions and credential-based privilege escalation by bad actors.

Additionally, the security architecture and flexibility of SelectiveTRUST:

  • Assures Trusted Connectivity, secure communication, and data sharing, at all classification levels, and at tactically relevant speed and scale across public, private and national defense critical infrastructures.
  • Establishes active digital deterrence and dominance across multi-domain operations.
  • Delivers real time, modern cryptographic flexibility, operational and digital agility, high availability, and quantum safe data protection for data in motion and at rest.

“Solving the root cause of silent, credential-based breaches is long overdue. Security researchers highlight, consistently, that the majority of initial intrusions and privilege escalation are the result of credential compromise. Prevention, along with a hardened, yet flexible security posture is possible with SelectiveTRUST,” said Ken Morris, KnectIQ CEO.

SelectiveTRUST requires neither new hardware nor infrastructure. This technology overlays and protects existing security access tools while providing a pathway to more robust and lightweight security environments.

“We look forward to joining our threat detection and mitigation colleagues in reducing the volume and burden of security events needing actual attention. Prevention first security postures enable organizations to reap the benefits of current and future security transformations,” states Morris.

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