Spin.AI partners with Google to reduce the risk of Chrome extensions for SecOps teams

Spin.AI has partnered with Google to integrate its new Chrome Extension Risk Assessment in Chrome Browser Cloud Management.

This free tool gives administrators increased visibility into browser extensions detected across the Chrome ecosystem and allows SecOps teams to better assess business and security risks to their browser and SaaS data.

For organizations requiring a more in-depth analysis of browser extension risk, OAuth application assessment, policy automation, granular controls, and more, Spin.AI also offers a paid version.

Today, organizations struggle to gain visibility into the risks associated with third party browser extensions and applications. A recent report from Spin.AI showed that 75% of SaaS applications pose a high or medium risk to organizations.

“There are more than 250,000 extensions on the Chrome web store, providing users with additional functionality they want to add to their browser, such as ad-blockers and productivity tools. However, like any software, browser extensions can pose certain risks to users or request permissions that are not aligned with company policies. Having visibility into extensions and how they’re being used is critical to security teams,” said Kiran Nair, Product Manager, Chrome Enterprise.

Spin.AI has generated risk assessment reports for public extensions and those have been incorporated into Chrome Browser Cloud Management. Spin.AI provides a safety score out of 100 and evaluates more than 15 extension factors across business and security risks. It also utilizes the Spin.AI unique database of over 300,000+ apps and extensions assessed by AI-algorithms. Once logged in, administrators simply select a browser extension and click on the Spin.AI link for a detailed risk assessment.

“From unsanctioned use to poorly developed code, to configuration issues, there are a variety of factors that can increase an extension’s risk score. And with most organizations relying on manual risk assessments, and often only doing them once, the security gap associated with these extensions is growing,” said Dmitry Dontov, CEO of Spin.AI. “We’re excited to be partnering with Google to help reduce the risk of Chrome extensions for administrators and SecOps teams.”

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