OneLayer Bridge discovers, assesses, and secures IoT device activity

OneLayer released OneLayer Bridge, a security solution for private mobile networks.

The use of private cellular networks allows organizations to improve IoT and OT device connectivity. As the adoption of these networks increases, organizations must consider the essential aspect of network security.

OneLayer Bridge has been designed to provide seamless and secure connectivity between the enterprise cellular networks and IT/OT networks. Aptly named Bridge, the product serves as a critical link, bridging the gap between cellular networks and the security capabilities required for devices.

The solution enables complete visibility, detection, and remediation of device vulnerabilities, and reduces risks by limiting security breach exposure.

OneLayer Bridge makes it easy to discover, assess, and secure IoT device activity. It provides enterprises with a comprehensive view of their security landscape across cellular and IT/OT networks through a single pane of glass and delivers one layer of security.

“As the popularity of private cellular networks grows, so do the risks associated with them. At OneLayer, we’re committed to providing enterprises with the latest and most holistic solutions to prevent mobile breaches,” said Dave Mor, CEO of OneLayer. “Our solution enables enterprises to treat the new mobile network as another enterprise network without the need to be cellular experts.”

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