Kasada and Signifyd join forces to combat eCommerce fraud

Kasada partners with Signifyd to help eCommerce providers deliver on their core business priorities to reduce fraud while improving the user experience.

Together Kasada and Signifyd provide an impenetrable barrier against fraud. Kasada’s anti-bot platform stops automated online fraud before it happens, while Signifyd’s Commerce Protection Program protects against additional fraud forms and consumer abuse.

“Many retailers and eCommerce organizations often face the challenge of balancing fraud prevention with a seamless customer experience. But they shouldn’t have to choose between the two,” said Sam Crowther, CEO of Kasada. “Our partnership with Signifyd provides companies with a holistic solution to combat fraud without introducing any friction into the buyer’s journey, resulting in lower costs and higher profit margins.”

By eliminating automated traffic, customers will experience increased conversion rates, enhanced site performance, and gain valuable analytical insights from genuine traffic. This will enable online retailers to accurately project customer purchases, anticipate profits, run more effective marketing campaigns, forecast infrastructure spend, and better plan for future demand.

Crowther added, “Automation, bots, and AI are at the core of the online fraud problem, as they are used to take over accounts, generate fake ones, hoard products, test stolen cards, and scrape websites and APIs.

Failure to eliminate automated fraud leads to skewed analytics and significant downstream costs, making it impossible for retailers to accurately plan and effectively understand what’s working. For these reasons, automated attacks have a detrimental and material impact on overall profit margins.”

“As fraud rings continue to innovate, Signifyd and Kasada together are staying a step ahead of automated attacks on digital sites and defending against fraudulent orders fueled by bot-driven account takeovers and identity theft,” said Will Wyatt, Signifyd VP, Global Partnerships and Channel Sales. “To truly protect against fraud, you need to recognize it before it happens and prevent it without damaging the customer experience.”

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