Criminal IP partners with DNS0.EU to combat cyber threats

AI Spera announced a data-sharing partnership agreement between its flagship search engine, Criminal IP, and DNS0.EU.

This strategic collaboration makes perfect sense, as both entities share a common objective of providing the utmost protection against internet threats by blocking malicious domains, thus contributing to a safer DNS environment.

DNS0.EU is an independent non-profit organization based in France, originally established as the European DNS project in 2022. The organization’s primary objective is to provide secure DNS services to protect the citizens and institutions of the European Union.

Currently, there are 27 operational servers located in 62 data centers across 55 cities in Europe, all of which comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Utilizing AI technology, Criminal IP performs real-time collection and analysis of IP addresses, enabling effective detection of cyber threats. This CTI search engine has established a mutual data-sharing partnership with DNS0.EU, which has bolstered its recognition and reliability in terms of technology and data.

The data collected worldwide by Criminal IP is processed and transferred to DNS0.EU’s internal system in a feed format, resulting in the blocking of malicious domains.

As a new partner of DNS0.EU, Criminal IP significantly enhances threat intelligence and internet security throughout the European Union by providing public DNS services and secure DNS for children, protecting them from accessing adult content.

Since its official launch on April 17, 2023, Criminal IP has achieved global recognition in cybersecurity, establishing itself as a prominent CTI search engine through API integrations and strong partnerships. Moreover, on May 3, 2023, Criminal IP introduced a WordPress security plugin called Anti-Brute Force, Login Fraud Detector (Criminal IP FDS).

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