Cleo and Cognizant join forces to accelerate digital transformation of the supply chain

Cleo has entered into a global partnership with Cognizant to power the Cognizant Cloud Integration Brokerage (CCIB) for the enterprise market.

This new B2B platform-as-a-service solution, which comprises elements from Cleo’s offering, the Cleo Integration Cloud, will be named “CCIB, powered by Cleo,” and provides B2B managed services with built-in, scalable infrastructure on the cloud.

Cognizant professionals have been trained in the deployment and management of Cleo’s enterprise integration technology, enabling end-user customers to immediately benefit from the combined solution directly and expeditiously.

“In the Cleo Integration Cloud, we see a scalable and customizable market-leading cloud integration solution that can serve the needs of Cognizant’s enterprise customers globally,” said Aditya Pathak, VP and Head of Automotive, Transportation and Logistics, with Cognizant.

“Cleo’s complete and flexible integration capabilities – for cloud, on-premises, and anything in-between – complement our Logistics Information Highway offerings and will help Cognizant customers reap value at the edges of their multi-enterprise ecosystems through improved partner management and data transformation capabilities,” Pathak added.

Through this partnership, Cognizant melds its cloud service expertise with Cleo’s cloud integration authority to deliver a holistic B2B and MFT platform-as-a-service offering to serve its customers’ evolving B2B needs.

Cleo CEO Mahesh Rajasekharan said, “We are thrilled to be partnering with Cognizant to help global enterprises master their strategic digital transformation initiatives. As an ever-innovative leader in value creation, Cognizant, like Cleo, places great emphasis on delivering a customer experience that is focused on business outcomes that matter.”

“This partnership creates immediate value for our shared customers as a result of Cleo’s and Cognizant’s joint commitment to deliver the perfect customer experience––one that enables enterprises to achieve their integration objectives without fail. We look favorably forward to our close collaboration with the highly skilled people at Cognizant,” Ken Lyons, Cleo Chief Revenue Officer and head of Cleo’s Channel Partner program, concluded.

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