Satori enhances its platform to help companies proactively protect data

Satori has released Posture Management, a new capability within Satori’s platform that monitors the authorization of users to data across all of a company’s data stores.

Satori Posture Management

In addition, Satori announced the availability of Data Store Discovery, which scans and monitors an organization’s cloud accounts to discover new data stores.

Powered by Satori’s open-source Universal Data Permissions Scanner, Posture Management is designed to give companies a comprehensive understanding of who has access to what data within the organization, at all times.

Posture Management scans all data permissions, provides an analytics layer over data access in the organization, and tracks KPIs to help improve data access posture. Using Posture Management, companies can eliminate risks of a data breach due to over-privileged data access.

In addition, with Posture Management, companies can view authorization permissions over time and at any specific point in time, making compliance audits and forensic investigations easier and more efficient.

With Data Store Discovery, another new capability within Satori’s Data Security Platform, users can connect Satori directly to their cloud accounts to gain a holistic view of all data stores in the organization.

For example, if a team sets up a “shadow” cloud database without proper access controls in place, the data and security teams will know about it immediately and take proper action, such as shutting it down or applying appropriate access control over it.

These capabilities are available to all Satori customers as part of its Data Security Platform, which allows frictionless just-in-time access to data, with a self-service data portal where data users can select the data they need and get access to it according to the organization’s guardrails and policies.

“Data access posture management is a critical capability that every data security platform should encompass, and our new Posture Management can help enterprises stay ahead of the game when it comes to data security and compliance,” said Yoav Cohen, CTO of Satori.

“Taking action against data security threats reactively is not enough in today’s data-driven environment. Our goal is to empower organizations to take a preventative approach to protect their most sensitive and business-critical data. With Posture Management, our customers can take control of their data security and manage risk with ease,” Cohen concluded.

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