Stytch expands its platform to offer B2B authentication

Stytch’s new offering enables B2B products and applications to build and deliver the enterprise-grade authentication requirements that their customers require, while maintaining a frictionless user experience to maximize conversion and adoption.

Authentication is a key requirement for any B2B software application, especially if software vendors are selling to enterprise clients who are likely to have strict authentication requirements for the vendors they use.

However, building authentication for a B2B application is typically complex and resource-intensive due to the data models required, the provisioning and managing accounts, and additional security and scale concerns. Additionally, authentication requirements only expand and keep growing as B2B applications go upmarket and companies start selling to larger, more established companies.

Stytch has taken an organization-first approach to B2B authentication, building the concept of organizations and membership models directly into its architecture — allowing application providers to easily build and offer enterprise-level customization for authentication without significant overhead or development work. Because of this, Stytch can provide B2B applications with a solution specifically customized for the various needs, complexities, and edge cases of B2B authentication.

“Building authentication for B2B applications is often complex and requires a lot of resources and back-end development,” said Stytch CEO Reed McGinley-Stempel. “We’ve built a solution tailor-made for B2B applications that handles the complexity of delivering enterprise-grade authentication and a frictionless user experience. Our goal is to help B2B businesses focus their efforts on building their core product offerings, rather than needing to spend significant resources on building B2B authentication in-house.”

Stytch’s solution offers:

  • Organization tenancy with a multi-tenant data model built into the core architecture of Stytch’s B2B authentication solution, so businesses can easily define.
  • Organizations and Members in their product, model the relationships between the two, and customize their auth requirements.
  • Enterprise SSO, so companies can require their end users to authenticate to an application via the company’s centralized Identity Provider (IdP) using SAML or OIDC protocols.
  • Support for multiple authentication factors in addition to single sign-on (SSO) such as email/password, OAuth (Google, Microsoft, Apple), and MFA (SMS OTP, TOTP, WebAuthn) – providing organizations with multiple options for their end users to authenticate themselves.
  • A fully extensible approach to authentication that accounts for multinational subsidiaries, large-scale acquisitions, and homegrown IdPs.
  • Full flexibility to support both current and future auth needs.
  • Built-in features that provide a better end-user experience than with traditional B2B auth – including account deduplication, configurable JIT provisioning, an Organization discovery flow, and more.
  • Reduced engineering overhead to build and manage authentication for any B2B application.
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