Coalesce Partner Program helps automate the modern data stack

Coalesce has announced a new partner program to expand training options and teamwork, as well as to help Snowflake Data Cloud customers more effectively manage their modern data stack. The Coalesce Partner Program now features three tiers – Select, Premier, and Elite – offering various incentives including training, sales and marketing, and referral commissions.

Coalesce partners are equipped with resources to build their Coalesce expertise and bring innovative joint solutions to the data market.

“Since day one, our partners have been a valuable extension of our team and critical to the success of the company. We’ve designed our partner program around three core principles: collaboration, automation, and respect,” said Courtney Heithoff, Head of SI Alliances – North America at Coalesce.

“We would not be where we are today without our partners, and the expansion of these programs will allow us to better support current and future partners, and most importantly, to ensure the success of our mutual customers,” Heithoff continued.

Coalesce is the transformation solution built for the Snowflake Data Cloud. Coalesce revolutionizes the “T” (transformation) in the ELT data management process by combining the flexibility of code and the speed of automation, in an intuitive visual interface.

The Coalesce Partner Program puts this next-generation transformation solution in the hands of partners with the following benefits based on their partner tier:

  • Select Partners – Designed for partners who are just getting started with Coalesce, this level includes referral commissions, access to training, and a presence on the Coalesce website.
  • Premier Partners – Designed for partners who have an established track record of onboarding certified team members and delivering solutions to joint customers, this level includes extensive company support and a dedicated partner manager.
  • Elite Partners – Designed for partners who have demonstrated exceptional expertise and success in delivering Coalesce solutions, this level includes instructor-led training, broader marketing support, and dedicated team office hours.

“We’ve worked with Coalesce for over a year now and have experienced first hand the impact of their team and technology,” said Erik Duffield, CEO at Hakkoda, a Coalesce Elite Partner.

“The product alone is powerful and makes data transformations easy, but the biggest selling point is the Coalesce team. They are quick to answer questions and will work to ensure the platform can solve any challenge encountered. They have a truly best-in-class offering,” Duffield added.

All partners are empowered with capabilities that are unique to Coalesce, including:

  • Data team productivity – Coalesce enables faster, sustainable development by standardizing and governing work across data projects. This allows projects to scale with secure and more predictable DataOps while shortening ramp-up time and boosting the effectiveness of all data team members.
  • Exclusively built for Snowflake – Coalesce is built by data warehousing industry experts to work specifically for Snowflake, offering full support for Snowflake functionality and automatically generating standardized, Snowflake-native code. Data teams can work more effectively by templatizing, extending, and documenting their work easily.
  • Adaptable approach to automation – Data transformations are accelerated by using column-level metadata, a novel approach for the data warehousing and ELT space. This enables users to work more efficiently with full context into data lineage and transformation history.

“Coalesce and Resultant have a similar vision – to advance data modernization across industries,” said Michael Tantrum, National Sales Director at Resultant.

“We have always been committed to getting Coalesce’s innovative platform in front of organizations and with the revamped partner program, we have even more tools at our fingertips to continue driving success,” Tantrum continued.

The program, which will be rolled out to dozens of partners across the globe, now includes training, exams, and product certifications for experts in building data pipelines with Coalesce.

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