ON2IT adds CISA Zero Trust Maturity Model to AUXO cloud platform

ON2IT announces the addition of the CISA Zero Trust Maturity Model into its Zero Trust as a Service platform, AUXO.

Organizations can use ON2IT’s Zero Trust as a Service platform to strengthen cyber defenses and easily embrace Zero Trust.

With cyber threat growth in volume and complexity, it is clear that preventing modern cyberattacks requires Zero Trust. CISA’s recently updated Zero Trust Maturity Model (ZTMM) is a comprehensive framework that provides guidance for implementing Zero Trust and progressing toward optimization.

While designed for Federal agencies, all organizations will benefit from the adoption of this maturity model. CISA’s ZTMM complements the existing Zero Maturity Model, developed by John Kindervag, ON2IT SVP and Creator of Zero Trust, codified by NSTAC and integral to Zero Trust as a Service. In mapping the two models, John noted their intersection in Step 3: Architect a Zero Trust Environment.

Two complementary maturity models

“The maturity model I refined in the past years is based on the 5 Step process for Zero Trust and is scored on a per Protect Surface basis. The new CISA maturity model integrates well into the 5 Step Maturity Model. You should think about them as complementary. In the AUXO portal, a report can be generated mapping the individual Protect Surfaces maturity back to the CISA Maturity Model,” said John Kindervag.

ON2IT’s AUXO cloud platform provides centralized, easy-to-use tooling that simplifies the implementation of the 5 Step Zero Trust Model and now delivers full support for assessing the five CISA pillars — Identity, Devices, Networks, Applications and Workloads, and Data.

Additionally, ON2IT’s mSOC resources extend zero trust support to address the cross-cutting capabilities of visibility and analytics, automation and orchestration, and governance.

With the adoption of both the CISA and 5 Step Zero Trust maturity models, ON2IT’s Zero Trust as a Service enables commercial firms and government agencies to strengthen cyber defenses and accelerate and track their Zero Trust journey.

Expanding Zero Trust as A Service

“We are excited to add the latest CISA Zero Trust Maturity Model reporting support to our AUXO cloud platform,” said Marcel van Eemeren, CEO of ON2IT. “Organizations face unique cybersecurity challenges. Our Zero Trust as a Service platform helps them meet these challenges by providing a comprehensive set of security tools and features that are specifically designed to implement Zero Trust principles. With the new CISA maturity model support, government agencies and other organizations can now assess their Zero Trust maturity level even better and improve their overall security posture.”

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