LogicGate accelerates policy management processes with OpenAI integration

LogicGate introduced a new OpenAI integration that will help automate and inform GRC processes, including policy generation.

Founded in 2015 by seasoned risk consultants, LogicGate automates and centralizes tedious, time-consuming governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) workflows with Risk Cloud, its integrated and scalable GRC platform.

“Organizations are looking for ways to leverage the new crop of generative AI models to make their risk management and GRC processes much more efficient and automated,” said Jon Siegler, CPO at LogicGate. “Customers now have the ability to integrate OpenAI functionality into their policy and procedure management process, allowing them to avoid writing policies from scratch and move directly into review and approval by generating policy and procedure documents with just a few clicks.”

The integration of OpenAI will help LogicGate customers easily implement and utilize AI technology with current Risk Cloud applications, scale content generation, and quickly solve complex problems with AI-powered systems and models like GPT-4.

When added into purpose-built Risk Cloud Applications like Policy & Procedure Management, customers can choose to quickly generate policy documents to accelerate policy management processes – all without leaving the platform.

Additional new offerings available to LogicGate Risk Cloud customers include:

Cyber Risk & Controls Compliance Solution: Risk Cloud’s Cyber Risk & Controls Compliance Solution links cyber threats to business impact, so teams can add business context to any cybersecurity decision, prioritize remediation, and report what matters most to key stakeholders.

Fully-managed cyber risk quantification: Risk Cloud helps cyber leaders quantify security risk in financial terms, an important step as organizations prepare to address upcoming SEC regulations. With this new offering, clients can accelerate cyber risk quantification initiatives with guidance from seasoned risk professionals and a scalable program powered by Risk Cloud Quantify.

Accelerated FedRAMP certification: Achieving FedRAMP certification is a costly, time-intensive, and document-heavy process. Risk Cloud’s newly developed FedRAMP System Security Plan (SSP) Premium Application saves teams time by automatically creating and populating a FedRAMP SSP with relevant security controls and findings in just a few clicks.

Coming soon! Automated evidence collection: Automate control evidence collection across more than 20 cybersecurity and privacy compliance frameworks to focus teams on what matters most: increasing agility, building trust, and delivering actionable risk insights.

“With these new product integrations, LogicGate is taking just the first of many steps toward integrating AI into our Risk Cloud platform,” said Jay Jamison, President of Product and Technology at LogicGate. “Advancements like OpenAI, Cyber Risk Quantification, and Automated Evidence Collection, alongside partnerships with industry leaders, fulfill our mission to help organizations proactively understand, manage, and mitigate their ever-changing risk and compliance landscape.”

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