Fingerprint unveils Smart Signals to fight and prevent fraud

Fingerprint launched Fingerprint Pro Plus, featuring the company’s latest innovation, Smart Signals.

These new capabilities provide real-time, actionable intelligence that builds on Fingerprint’s browser and device identification signals which more than 6,000 companies use to help fight and prevent fraud.

“Smart Signals marks the start of an exciting new era for Fingerprint. They enable businesses to make smart, data-driven decisions based on real-time actionable intelligence to prevent increasingly sophisticated fraud while providing a positive experience for trusted users,” said Dan Pinto, CEO of Fingerprint. “Just in the last month alone, Fingerprint identified 4.3 million instances of bad bots, 14 million users visiting in incognito mode, and 21 million users browsing with a VPN.”

Fraudsters are constantly looking for new ways to conceal their identity, which means the platforms and decision engines companies use to prevent abuse need to be smarter and adapt quickly to changes in browser and mobile application technology. Fingerprint is uniquely qualified to identify these fraudsters using Smart Signals, a set of signals not used in legacy fraud prevention solutions that provide deeper insight into anonymous visitors.

Smart Signals are used in conjunction with the Fingerprint visitor identification capabilities to offer actionable insight when a browser has been tampered with or when a VPN is used, for example. This new feature set is a game-changer for companies that need more timely, accurate data to fight against fraudsters and bolster their analytics strategies.

“Fingerprint is a critical piece of our workflow and Smart Signals will enhance accuracy further,” said Pierre Roudaut, Senior Engineering Manager, Fraud at “We’re excited to expand our Fingerprint usage to continue to identify fraudulent payments within our system.”

Smart Signals are available as part of the company’s new offering, Fingerprint Pro Plus, which is built for organizations that need additional insights to understand their anonymous users, identify malicious users, and prevent fraud. These signals include:

  • VPN detection
  • Browser bot detection
  • Browser tamper detection
  • Incognito mode detection
  • IP geolocation

Additional Smart Signals are available in Fingerprint Enterprise, which is built for companies that need additional security, support, and enterprise-scale features. These signals include:

  • IP blocklist matching
  • Raw device attributes
  • Android tamper detection
  • Android emulator detection

“Fingerprint has been instrumental in preventing fraud for Kadeo,” said Shaun Deans, founder at Kadeo. “With their highly accurate Smart Signals, we’ve been able to accurately identify nefarious users on our clients’ sites without adding additional friction for good users.”

The Fingerprint device intelligence platform includes identification signals, Smart Signals, and a rich set of developer tools. Fingerprint primarily caters to industries such as software, fintech, financial institutions, online gaming, eCommerce, and transaction processing, with customers ranging from risk management and fraud prevention teams to engineering and product leaders at organizations of all sizes.

Fingerprint is easy to integrate and provides the highest accuracy device identification (up to 99.5%), powering sophisticated fraud engines to inform the most critical security decisions. Users can now confidently identify both human and automated threats with device intelligence that has been fine-tuned for accuracy executing billions of requests at scale.

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