NinjaOne Patch Management enhancements mitigate security vulnerabilities

NinjaOne announced enhancements to NinjaOne Patch Management, delivering the latest automated patching solutions to maintain business operations and keep organizations secure.

NinjaOne Patch Management

Patching is a tedious, time-consuming task but also a critical step to secure modern IT environments, where technology experts are now required to manage more devices than ever because of the shift to remote and hybrid work. NinjaOne is simplifying the process with a new patching dashboard, automated Linux and MacOS patching improvements, and patch scheduling flexibility.

With NinjaOne Patch Management, companies can automatically patch any device from a centralized, easy-to-use console, and automate every step of the process, spending 90 percent less time patching.

They also now have access to:

  • New patching dashboard – With this dashboard, customers can view the patch status for all their endpoints and immediately respond to failed or missed patches.
  • Linux patching functionality – Customers now have easy deployment of operating system and third-party patches for common Linux distributions natively within the NinjaOne platform console.
  • Mac third-party patching – Organizations can easily deploy patches for common third-party apps on MacOS devices to achieve clearer visibility into the patch status of all Mac endpoints.
  • Patch scheduling flexibility – This allows for scheduled updates multiple times within a week and the ability to set recurring dates and skip months if necessary.

“NinjaOne has simplified the entire process of patch management allowing us to identify and remediate vulnerabilities and mitigate security issues,” said Nesta Hayward, Director of Technology, National Fire and Safety. “We’ve also been able to automate the time-consuming task of patching, freeing up our teams to focus on more strategic initiatives and client relationships.”

“Organizations today are constantly under threat, with hundreds of cyberattacks being reported each week,” said Rahul Hirani, SVP of Product Management for NinjaOne. “. With these latest advancements, NinjaOne is delivering on our commitment to help customers easily patch Windows, Mac and Linux devices all from a single, centralized, easy-to-use platform.”

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