CoSoSys offers same-day support for Apple’s macOS Sonoma

CoSoSys announced that it will provide same-day support for the upcoming macOS Sonoma release.

MacOS Sonoma (macOS 14) is scheduled for release later in 2023. CoSoSys customers using its Endpoint Protector solution for Device Control and DLP, will be able to upgrade to macOS Sonoma immediately after release, with no gaps in protection.

“One of the reasons customers choose Endpoint Protector is our commitment to same-day support for Apple’s OS upgrades. Organizations want to leverage the latest productivity and security enhancement of a new OS, but the importance of protecting sensitive corporate data is such that they often have to wait for their security vendors to release an update,” said Kevin Gallagher, CEO of CoSoSys.

“In many organizations, employees are able to upgrade their own laptops – and often do so on the day of release. This can leave the organization vulnerable, and at risk of non-compliance with any applicable data protection regulations. We don’t believe that should be the case for macOS enterprises, so our comment to same-day support will allow them to upgrade to macOS Sonoma on the day of release, with no gaps in the protection offered by Endpoint Protector,” finished Gallagher.

CoSoSys is the first DLP vendor to publicly announce support for macOS Sonoma. The company has a strong history of meeting the needs of organizations that use macOS in the enterprise. In 2020 it released a KEXTless agent built on Apple’s Endpoint Security Framework, making it the first DLP vendor to release an agent that didn’t require a kernel extension.

Endpoint Protector is the Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution of choice for multi-OS enterprises. It efficiently prevents data leaks and data loss on macOS, Windows, and Linux-based computers, reducing the risk of insider threats, and ensuring compliance with data protection regulations. As a truly cross-platform DLP, Endpoint Protector offers easy-to-use features to help organisations protect their sensitive data regardless of the operating system.

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