Nile collaborates with Palo Alto Networks to strengthen enterprise campus security

Nile announced a new integration with Palo Alto Networks. With the integration, joint customers can now benefit from a highly integrated solution that brings together Nile Access Service for enterprise campus (NaaS) and Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs).

Globally, organizations will spend $262 billion in cybersecurity by 2026, reflecting a constant-currency compound annual growth rate of 11% from 2021. And although companies are spending more on cybersecurity tools, cyber-attacks are still occurring at a staggering rate of over 2,200 attacks a day with no signs of slowing down.

“Securing networks against this constant rise in cyber-attacks has never been more difficult,” said Pankaj Patel, CEO of Nile. “The industry has left organizations with an immense burden; navigating through complex technologies and processes to try and protect against this ever-rising tide of attacks. Our technical integration with Palo Alto Networks builds on our relentless mission to deliver secure connectivity – simply – through a NaaS-based model that reduces risk, while also removing many of the burdens industry has imposed on networking and security professionals.”

Key benefits from the Nile and Palo Alto Networks integration include:

  • Increased visibility: Out-of-the-box integration enables Palo Alto Networks NGFWs to easily see and inspect all traffic from the Nile Access Service, giving heightened visibility and rapid detection of attacks that might originate from within LAN/WLAN, eliminating a common blindspot for organizations.
  • Enhanced identity: Palo Alto Networks NGFWs with its User-ID technology can make informed policy enforcement decisions combined with Nile’s authentication approach, resulting in greater visibility into users and devices operating within the Nile Access Service.
  • Centralized policy management: Palo Alto Networks NGFWs can now apply dynamic policies for traffic segmentation within the Nile Access Service, creating a centralized location for more simplified policy management and enforcement, and together, a powerful new combination that eliminates the potential for lateral movement of cyberattacks initiated within the LAN/WLAN.

“Our technical integration with Nile brings greater visibility and control to our customers while easing security operations and improving an organization’s defense against cyber attacks,” said Anand Oswal, SVP and GM at Palo Alto Networks. “We maintain a vision where each day is safer and more secure than the one before, and today’s announcement with Nile affirms our commitment to that goal.”

“Cybersecurity attacks are not only affecting enterprises, but also higher education campuses, with universities logging the highest number of weekly attacks than any other industry,” said Russell Kaurloto, CIO at the University of Denver. “In leveraging Nile and Palo Alto Networks, we can ensure our staff and students have uninterrupted access to wired and wireless connectivity. It also gives us peace of mind knowing that the network is secure against unauthorized access and malware proliferation.”

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