eSentire unveils SaaS-based network traffic disruption for AWS to reduce cloud-based threats

eSentire introduces MDR for Network on AWS offering, extending its proprietary, on-premises network software to AWS cloud environments as a SaaS-based solution.

As organizations continue to scale in the cloud, more than half of network detections will be cloud-based by 2027.

eSentire’s latest software innovation brings unparalleled protection and peace of mind to organizations running applications in AWS by monitoring and inspecting traffic 24/7 across application and network layers. If malicious activity is detected, a “kill switch” command is instantaneously sent to the integrated firewall, providing real-time threat response in the cloud.

eSentire’s Network on AWS solution interfaces with leading firewalls from Palo Alto Networks, Cisco, and Fortinet. Proactively adapting and improving to mitigate emerging threats, the offering is augmented by eSentire’s global IP block list, which adds more than 200 new IPs daily based on positive security investigations, as well as 150 novel threat detections and investigative runbooks each quarter, built by eSentire’s Threat Response Unit as a result of their original research, global threat sweeps, and hypothesis-based threat hunting.

As security leaders turn to the cloud to drive organizational innovation and scale, eSentire has aligned its broad cloud services portfolio to address the security complexities and risks they experience along their journeys.

eSentire MDR for Cloud identifies and corrects misconfigurations with Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) and Vulnerability Management services, and enables compliance adherence while protecting runtime across containers, workloads, and network traffic with Managed Log, Cloud Workload Platform Protection (CWPP), and its new Network on AWS offering.

Through rapid detection, prioritized recommendations, and real-time threat response, eSentire delivers unparalleled time to value in preventing business disruption across organizations embracing the cloud.

“With seven patents in network traffic detection and over 15 years as the network leader in MDR, eSentire understands the importance of network detection and response in the Cloud,” said Rahul Bakshi, CPO, eSentire.

“Monitoring inbound and outbound network activity is important, but to have complete visibility, you need deep packet inspection to include East/West traffic between hosts in order to detect and respond to lateral movement and other anomalous behaviors. Extending our flagship Network software offering to the AWS cloud as a SaaS-based solution is a critical component of our leadership in securing on-premises, hybrid, IaaS, and SaaS environments. We’re enabling response at the firewall to disrupt malicious cloud-based traffic earlier in the kill chain, far surpassing the capabilities of other MDR providers,” concluded Bakshi.

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