Stellar Cyber collaborates with Mimecast to minimize email-based attack impacts

Stellar Cyber announced a new technology partnership with Mimecast, an email and collaboration security company.

This powerful technology integration makes it easy for Stellar Cyber and Mimecast customers to swiftly mitigate the risk of damaging email-based attacks, such as phishing attacks, by automating the sharing of vital attack data between the two solutions, reducing attacker dwell time and speeding response.

Mimecast Email Security monitors all email traffic to identify suspicious emails using AI-powered detection, phishing protection, and advanced attachment scanning capabilities. Once identified, the alert data is shared with Stellar Cyber automatically.

Stellar Cyber’s Open XDR platform ingests, normalizes, and analyzes Mimecast alerts and other collected data to deliver a holistic view of the potential threat. As security analysts complete investigations, The Stellar Cyber platform initiates response actions to integrated third-party products, including Mimecast.

“Email continues to be the primary entry point for ransomware attacks, and the sophistication of those attacks is rising exponentially,” said Jules Martin, VP of Technology Alliances, Mimecast. “We’re excited to partner with Stellar Cyber to help our joint customers quickly detect and respond to threats, allowing them to gain more visibility across the attack chain.”

“Attacks are coming from all vectors. The need for security operations teams to instantaneously detect and respond to threats is more important than ever,” said Andrew Homer, VP of Technology Alliances at Stellar Cyber. “Our technology integration with Mimecast helps security teams eliminate manually intensive tasks while increasing their ability to deliver faster security outcomes.”

With this integration, Mimecast offers visibility into email-based threats and streams data to Stellar Cyber’s Open XDR platform for defense-in-depth protection. Joint capabilities include:

  • Real-time bi-directional threat signals exchanged for proactive detection
  • Correlation of Mimecast alerts across the entire attack surface
  • Automated response actions for immediate threat containment
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