GuidePoint Security improves organizations’ security posture and ROI with its BASaaS

GuidePoint Security has announced the availability of its Breach & Attack Simulation as a Service (BASaaS) offering. The new service is designed to help organizations maximize the value from their BAS tools and improve their security posture and the ROI from their existing non-BAS security stack.

Now GuidePoint Security can assist with ensuring BAS tools are configured properly, deploying sensors according to best practices and ensuring that an organization’s security tools are properly integrated. Additionally, the team will continue to manage the customer’s BAS platform in alignment with organizational goals while optimizing testing around known technologies, threat actor groups, and industry vertical awareness.

“While Breach & Attack Simulation tools have come a long way in providing a capability for organizations to test the security tools within their environments, having a tool by itself only gets you so far,” said Victor Wieczorek, VP of Application Security and Threat and Attack Simulation.

“Ensuring that you can maximize the value of your BAS tools requires time and experience for which most organizations do not have the capacity. Our service is designed to optimize your BAS toolset, show results in real-time and provide a roadmap to better security,” Wieczorek added.

GuidePoint Security’s BASaaS provides:

  • Simulation strategies built around the unique technology within the customer’s environment and threat intelligence around their related industry vertical
  • Customized dashboards and reports to meet specific requirements
  • Direct line of communication with BAS tool vendors to ensure new feature implementation and issue remediation is quick
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