NOS chooses Censys to monitor its attack surface

Censys has unveiled that NOS chose Censys to monitor its attack surface. Censys’ technology provides NOS with complete visibility into its external-facing infrastructure, simplifies its monitoring process and eliminates irrelevant alerts.

As an internet provider for both the B2B and B2C segments in fixed and mobile networks, NOS needed a tool that could enable them to identify all exposed elements across its network.

“Our customers rely on us 24/7 to provide connectivity and a great user experience in their homes and businesses. It is essential that we can fully understand what is going on in the attack surface to prioritize and address the most relevant threats,” said Jorge Graça, CTO and CIO at NOS.

“Censys allows us to take a proactive and streamlined approach to the management of our attack surface, enabling us to focus on our core services with added peace of mind,” Graça added.

When compared to other attack surface management providers, NOS found that Censys provides not only the most accurate results, but an easy user experience that goes beyond monitoring network environments.

With Censys, NOS gains:

  • Customizable risk framework: NOS can reduce irrelevant alerts and quickly address relevant and emerging issues.
  • Comprehensive visibility: Provides a holistic view of their infrastructure, allowing NOS to proactively detect potential vulnerabilities, track the evolution of their exposed surface and take necessary measures to mitigate risks promptly.
  • Streamlined monitoring and management: NOS can centralize its security operations and simplify the task of tracking and responding to alerts.

“Given today’s important focus on defending critical infrastructure, we are thrilled NOS trusts Censys to monitor and provide a holistic perspective of its attack surface,” said James DeBragga, Managing Director of Censys International.

“Our expertise in exposure management gives organizations like NOS clarity so they can focus on what’s important – their customers, while we focus on ensuring every aspect of their network is covered and properly managed,” DeBragga concluded.

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