Red Access launches agentless browsing security platform

Red Access announced a true agentless secure browsing platform suited for hybrid work environments.

Red Access security platform

The Red Access agentless browsing security platform is browser-agnostic, giving company workforces the ability to use any web browser they want and benefit from enterprise-grade secure browser defense capabilities. Red Access’ agentless architecture also extends the same defense capabilities to desktop web applications, which are also susceptible to browsing risks.

“We’ve developed an entirely new method to protect web sessions that truly raises the bar for secure browsing standards,” said Dor Zvi, CEO of Red Access. “Our agentless platform is the only genuine hybrid security solution of its kind. Because it runs in the background to protect any browser or desktop web application, it creates a seamless user experience for workforces to complete their tasks in the office or abroad with no performance issues or interruptions.”

The Red Access agentless browsing security platform grants defense capabilities and coverage that secure enterprise browsers and secure browsing extensions simply cannot match. As an agentless solution, Red Access does not require additional remote enablement tools such as VPN and VDI to operate outside of a company’s security perimeter.

With the Red Access agentless browsing security platform, hybrid enterprises can:

  • Protect all browsing activities: Defend web browsers and desktop web applications against advanced attacks that elude existing security solutions and target the browsing vector
  • Control remote access: Enforce policies for remotely accessible corporate resources used by third party contractors and BYOD users to ensure sensitive information stays where it should, and prevent access by external threat actors
  • Enact data governance: Manage the access, usability, integrity, and security of corporate data and policies with a simple and flexible unified management panel
  • Gain user visibility: Gain visibility into users’ browsing activities, including the applications and devices which are being used, to create accurate policies and shine a light on potential threats lurking in the shadows
  • Deploy in minutes: The agentless platform enables one-click deployment to quickly secure browsing channels without any alterations to existing enterprise architecture
  • Effortless integration: easily integrates with other security solutions and infrastructures to create a comprehensive security stack
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