Daon introduces AI.X technology to combat deepfake threats

Daon announces the addition of AI.X technology to expand the capabilities of its IdentityX and TrustX platforms.

Designed for emerging identity threats from generative AI technology, AI.X includes pioneering technology that protects against deepfakes across voice, face, and document verification.

The breadth of Daon’s research and capabilities is vital to its worldwide customer base. On the facial biometrics front, Daon has worked for over 8 years in Presentation Attack Detection (PAD). The rapid evolution of AI and deepfake technology is moving quickly enough to cause the enterprise to express concern, and Daon’s technology has been trained to detect and reject attacks arising out of the misuse of AI.

In a forthcoming Daon survey of IT leaders in the U.S., 56% of respondents said that recently raised concerns over AI has caused them to increasingly recognize AI as a potential security threat. It’s clear that enterprise customers are getting concerned, too: 69% of IT leaders said their companies are getting questions or concerns from customers following the increase in scrutiny around AI.

Daon has developed new, high-performing algorithms for cloned voice detection to combat voice deepfakes. These algorithms can detect the distinctive voice pattern unique to deepfakes and are very effective at detecting cloned voices even when humans cannot.

“These newly patented technologies deliver more sophisticated verification for businesses worldwide by improving their ability to proof, verify, authenticate, and secure customer identities across all trust points including the contact center environments,” said Tom Grissen, CEO at Daon.

“The Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution is in full swing, driven by the widespread availability of data, powerful GPU computing, popular Machine Learning (ML) software, and deep neural networks (DNNs). In the battle to determine what is real, we have leveraged these advances to radically improve the accuracy of proofing and authentication solutions and create new groundbreaking algorithms that ensure the security and integrity of online transactions involving individuals and documents,” added Grissen.

Daon IdentityX and TrustX platforms already have a suite of algorithms and techniques to detect fake/altered documents. Additional patented algorithms will be released as part of AI.X to further enhance these platforms.

TrustX, Daon’s cloud-based platform, supports creating and deploying user journeys throughout the entire identity lifecycle. This next-generation platform leverages the power of AI and ML to reduce fraud and streamline the customer experience, laying the groundwork for identity continuity.

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