WISeKey upgrades its WISeID digital identity and privacy platform

WISeKey has unveiled a major upgrade to its digital identity and privacy platform, WISeID.com, designed to provide users with enhanced protection against identity theft and increase privacy in today’s hyper-connected digital world.

The new generation of WISeID builds upon WISeKey’s tradition of pioneering advanced cybersecurity solutions and introduces a suite of significant improvements to further secure users’ digital identities and personal data.

New free identity validation: Now all WISeID users can verify their real identity using the computer or phone webcam to capture an identity document (National ID, Driver License, or Passports of most countries are accepted) and do face recognition.

New types of certificates: users can now get digital certificates with different validation levels:

  • Free Certificates. All users can get free basic certificates, which only contain the email address and are valid for three months.
  • Basic Certificates. Users can activate an optional subscription for basic certificates with a validity of two years.
  • Advanced Certificates. This subscription will allow users to get certificates that also contain additional information such as name and country, to provide assurance to other people when sending a mail or signing a document. This service requires users to verify their real identity with our new KYC process.
  • Advanced PRO Certificates. These certificates will also contain the company information and are suitable for professional use. This requires fulfilling an organization validation process, done by WISeKey.

New document signature service: WISeID users now benefit of a free document signature solution. Users can simply sign a PDF document from their computer or mobile, without having to worry about creating and installing certificates in their devices. Our platform generates automatically, and securely single-use certificates whenever is needed to sign a document. The person that signs up can do it for free, and the only requirement is to have a valid WISeID Account and validate their identity.

New corporate service: Companies willing to provide WISeID services to employees or customers can get a corporate account, which gives administrative access to create users and manage their certificates. Corporate users don’t need to do individual identity verification. Corporate customers can also get WISeSign packages that can be shared by all the users to request signatures.

“Our goal is to make available our new security services to all WISeID users,” said Pedro Fuentes, WISeKey’s Trust Services Manager. “This latest update is a leap forward in that mission. We have strengthened our existing free features and added new premium services that will allow users to protect their digital life.”

Privacy is at the core of the new WISeID. Users now have increased control over their personal information, choosing who they share it with and when. Furthermore, an innovative data anonymization feature ensures user activities cannot be traced back to them, further safeguarding their privacy.

“We have always believed in the power of technology to protect and empower individuals in the digital realm. With the new WISeID, we are taking another step in ensuring our users can enjoy the benefits of digital connectivity without compromising their privacy or falling prey to identity theft,” Fuentes concluded.

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