CobolCloud partners with Kubo Labs to secure legacy applications in Kubernetes environments

CobolCloud and Kubo Labs sign a partnership agreement to secure legacy applications in Kubernetes environments.

“CobolCloud is the very latest generation of COBOL tools allowing on the one hand, the recompilation of existing applications without modifying the source code, and on the other hand the integration of these applications with the latest technologies present on Windows, Linux, and of course on the Cloud,” says Stéphane Croce, CEO of CobolCloud.

“Kubo Labs and its suite of tools perfectly complement our approach, namely, to offer our customers the best tools on the market to secure their applications in production,” adds Stéphane Croce.

“One of the most important components of container-based architectures, Kubernetes clusters require constant attention in order to maintain optimized and secure use in all circumstances,” says Alain Regnier CTO of Kubo Labs.

“Kubo Labs tools allow users to analyze Kubernetes clusters and to quickly detect and resolve issues,” adds Alain Regnier.

“Our alliance with CobolCloud makes it possible to perfect the mission carried out by our partner to simplify, secure and modernize applications developed in COBOL,” specifies François-Xavier Renaux, COO of Kubo Labs.

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