HackGATE monitors activities of ethical hackers

Hackrate launched HackGATE, a monitoring platform specifically designed for ethical hacking projects.

Thousands of IT security teams around the world struggle with efficiently monitoring ethical hacking projects and determining whether a test yielded a clear result because their systems are very secure or simply because the scan was not comprehensive enough.

To address these pain points, Hackrate announced HackGATE, an managed gateway specifically designed for monitoring security testing projects. HackGATE elevates ethical hacking projects to a new level of transparency and efficiency. With its capabilities, organizations can unlock a range of benefits, including enhanced transparency, advanced project analysis, and proactive monitoring of ethical hacking activities.

HackGATE’s technologies and integration with a leading Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system ensure comprehensive project analysis. By identifying attack types, logging security data, and generating reports for compliance purposes, HackGATE guarantees a comprehensive and effective testing process.

“With HackGATE, organizations can achieve a new level of transparency, control, and accountability in their security testing initiatives. It empowers businesses to proactively address vulnerabilities, strengthen their cybersecurity defenses, and safeguard critical assets,” said Balázs Pózner, CEO of Hackrate.

A user-friendly and secure solution

One of HackGATE’s key features is its ability to improve transparency and project quality. The platform actively monitors the activities of ethical hackers, enabling organizations to maintain control over their IT systems and track pen testers. By granting access to a web server only from HackGATE IP addresses, organizations can ensure that only authorized pen testers test their systems.

Additionally, HackGATE enforces strong authentication methods for ethical hackers before accessing the IT system and logs all activities during the project, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access and enhancing overall project quality. This clear separation of pen testers and real-life attacks enables organizations to effectively isolate and address any unauthorized intrusions.

Moreover, the platform also generates comprehensive reports in the form of clickable PDFs, allowing security professionals to gain in-depth insights and track the entire process of the pentest project effortlessly.

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