ImmuniWeb unveils email security test to help users verify privacy and compliance of email servers

Running about 200,000 daily security scans, the free Community Edition now has an online security test to quickly verify security, privacy and compliance of email servers.

ImmuniWeb email security

According to the most recent Trend Micro’s report, both sophistication and volume of phishing and other attacks targeting corporate emails are surging in 2023. While a report by Proofpoint highlights that financial damage from phishing attacks has almost doubled since last year.

ImmuniWeb’s internal statistics from the award-winning ImmuniWeb Discovery solution, which has a dedicated capability to detect and then take down phishing websites by legal means, agree with the average number of phishing websites targeting customers from over 50 countries having grown by 59% compared to the same period in 2022.

Shadow IT and especially shadow assets in a multicloud environment create additional risks by exposing misconfigured or test-environment email servers to the Internet, making them low-hanging fruit even for inexperienced cybercriminals.

In response to the rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape and new challenges to email security, ImmuniWeb unveiled a free email security test, being the 6th online test of the ImmuniWeb Community Edition. The free online tool enables anyone to quickly:

  • Test email server security and compliance with best practices
  • Verify email server encryption and compliance with best practices
  • Detect various DNS misconfigurations that weaken email security
  • Find compromised credentials that may give access to email accounts
  • Spot ongoing phishing and squatting campaigns targeting your users
  • Identify presence of your email server in various black and spam lists

The new test significantly enhances ImmuniWeb Community Edition leveraged by thousands of SMEs, schools and universities, non-for-profit organizations, and small municipal governments that cannot afford investing into enterprise-level cybersecurity solutions, however, still need to establish at least a foundational level of cybersecurity, privacy and compliance.

Dr. Ilia Kolochenko, Chief Architect & CEO at ImmuniWeb, says: “While our primary duty is to take care of all our customers and partners, we take our social responsibility seriously and we are strongly committed to support the most vulnerable organizations in their efforts to protect themselves against skyrocketing cyber attacks.

“Our Community Edition has become an indispensable cybersecurity instrument for thousands of individuals, companies and organizations around the globe. At ImmuniWeb, we are truly proud to contribute our knowledge and technical excellence to the sustainable development of cybersecurity industry. The new free email security test brings the simple and efficient solution to ensure that your email servers and communications are safe. More exciting news and announcements are coming soon, please stay tuned,” added Kolochenko.

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