IDrive introduces Google Shared Drive backup

IDrive Backup announced the introduction of Google Shared Drive backup, which automatically detects and backs up all the shared drives available to the Super Administrator of the Google Workspace account.

Shared drives, which are special folders in Google Drive that can be used by teams to store, search, and access files, allows for smoother collaboration and communication, increased visibility, easier document management, and better administrative control.

Given the benefits of Google Shared Drive, where large volumes of critical business data are created and stored, and since Google is not responsible for backing up your data, having the ability to backup your shared drives through IDrive makes it simple for administrators to be sure that their shared organizational data is safe and protected from data loss.

Unlimited Cloud-to-Cloud backup with the IDrive allows users to backup all of their Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 data from either service to the IDrive cloud, making it an ideal solution for those who want to protect their data from potential loss. This provides an extra layer of protection for critical data by backing it up to a separate cloud, keeping that data secure, recoverable, and accessible.

For Google Workspace data, including Google Drive, Shared Drive, Gmail, Calendar, and Contacts, using IDrive to backup this data can be critical to help protect it against accidental deletion, ransomware, or other outages or issues.

Backing up Microsoft Office 365 data with IDrive allows users to backup their entire Microsoft Office Suite including OneDrive, SharePoint, Exchange, and Teams data, unlike other backup services who only protect a limited amount of this data. By using this single backup solution approach, users can eliminate the complexity and costs associated with maintaining multiple separate backup agents.

Features of Microsoft Office 365 Backup with IDrive include:

  • Automated backups – runs three automated backups on a daily basis, protecting data from accidental deletion and ransomware or malware attacks.
  • Seamless retention – retains previous versions of the backed up data as point-in-time snapshots, enabling users to run point-in-time restores of their data to the exact state it was in at the time of the backup.
  • Granular recovery – search and recover specific files, entire folders, images, videos, emails, and even contacts and calendars.
  • Company-wide search and restore – easily search and restore information from a single platform, as well as monitoring and controlling the data with organization-wide visibility.

Users also have full comprehensive control over their backups through a centralized web console, helping them to migrate, export, download, and perform cross-user restores with ease.

IDrive Cloud-to-Cloud Backup is an available add-on for all plans including Mini, Personal, Business, Team, and Enterprise for $20/seat/year for unlimited storage. IDrive Cloud-to-Cloud backup is also available as a stand-alone plan for the same cost.

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