Cribl scales observability across large enterprises with new product features

As enterprise data grows at a 28% compound annual growth rate, businesses continue to face a myriad of challenges to manage their data and secure their organizations. Most enterprises are using more than 30 tools to manage and analyze data, and teams across IT and security departments have different needs for different data.

To address these challenges, Cribl is introducing new features throughout its product portfolio to scale observability across large enterprises, providing greater interoperability and customizable authorization to unlock the value of all observability data for more users.

Key product enhancements:

  • Cribl Search: Expanded search-in-place compatibility extends the reach of a single search query from edge to data lake and even to tooling data repositories
  • Cribl Stream: Enhanced authorization gets more users secure access to the right data
  • Cribl Edge: New Prometheus Edge Scraper purpose-built for Kubernetes environments for greater choice and deeper insights

“With every release, we’re doubling down on our commitment to provide customers greater choice and control over their data, and this latest update is no exception,” said Ledion Bitincka, CTO at Cribl.

“We’re introducing new features across our product suite with the goal of making observability accessible to more enterprises and more teams. The marquee update of the summer release is enhancements to Cribl Search, which we are so excited to demo at our CriblCon conference next week. With new query targets, Cribl Search quickly puts critical data at customers’ fingertips, accelerating security investigations, performance troubleshooting, and data analysis projects,” Bitincka continued.

Cribl Search: Expanded federated search capabilities

Recently, Cribl Search pioneered the concept of federated “search-in-place” and further solidified its position as a trailblazer in the industry by introducing Search to Amazon Security Lake earlier this year. This release amplifies support for S3 buckets, Azure Blob, and GCP/GCS, and has uniquely integrated the capability to search against API-based endpoints like Zoom, Okta, and Google Workspaces.

With this expanded compatibility, Cribl unlocks the value of more data from an already unprecedented number of data silos. Search provides the flexibility to find any data at any location without incurring the cost and complexity penalty imposed by traditional systems’ requirement to ingest data before analyzing it.

“There have been challenges during incidents where access to data was needed as soon as possible, but we weren’t always in a position to ingest it without pausing for time to develop methods to onboard the data,” said Stuart Bowell, Head, Global Observability Team at Netbuilder. “With Cribl Search, we now have immediate access to all our data – allowing us to delve into unexplored areas and discover insights from data that was previously inaccessible or known to hold value.”

Cribl Stream: Enhanced authorization and native Azure Sentinel integrations

When working with sensitive data, access control is critical. Cribl Stream now features customizable authorization for different levels of access and permission, giving enterprises the ability to easily provision different users at different levels of visibility and control. This enhanced authorization––available across all Cribl products––ensures that Cribl administrators can quickly and securely create the right data feeds for different teams, saving them time for other business-critical tasks and strengthening organizational security.

Cribl Stream also now features new destinations for Azure Sentinel and Azure Data Explorer products, enabling enterprises to onboard both Azure and non-Azure data into Azure Sentinel.

Cribl Edge: New Prometheus Edge scraper

Continuously monitoring ephemeral containers is a pain for users. Since Prometheus is prominently used for collecting logs and metrics in Kubernetes environments, Cribl Edge now features a new Prometheus Edge Scraper, purpose-built for Kubernetes.

With this new feature, customers have the flexibility to send Kubernetes monitoring data to the destination of their choice with minimal effort to get even deeper insights into their Kubernetes environments. Cribl Edge also now features compressed file monitoring to observe and analyze more data, irrespective of whether the log files are compressed or not.

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