Trend Vision One empowers organizations to safeguard their cloud workloads

Trend Micro announced Trend Vision One – Endpoint Security, the latest offering in its next-generation cybersecurity platform, which unifies prevention, detection, and response for user endpoints, servers, cloud workloads, and data centers. This solution aims to support customers throughout their IT modernization.

Kevin Simzer, COO at Trend Micro: “Surging IT complexity is placing unprecedented demand on teams and providing determined adversaries with more opportunity to infiltrate an ever-expanding attack surface. In response to this challenge, our customers want to simplify security without compromising effectiveness. Trend Vision One – Endpoint Security is a direct answer to this need, helping IT and security organizations stop threats faster and take control of risk.”

By leveraging the consolidated power of Trend Vision One, customers gain access to powerful attack surface risk management, cross-layer protection, and leading XDR capabilities to streamline and harmonize security operations while simultaneously enhancing protection, scalability, and performance. This approach enables security teams to holistically manage the attack surface, including and extending beyond the endpoint to achieve faster, more accurate threat defense and risk mitigation.

By bringing context-rich visibility for user endpoints, servers, and cloud workloads to the platform, security organizations can significantly streamline operations:

Consolidate products, enhance visibility, and improve correlation: According to Gartner, “A recent Gartner survey found that 75% of organizations are pursuing security vendor consolidation in 2022, up from 29% in 2020.” Minimize the cost and complexity associated with cybersecurity tool spread by consolidating point products and integrating user endpoint, server, and cloud workload security — reducing IT operation inefficiency and alert fatigue and closing exploitable security gaps while benefiting from high-fidelity detection and response alerting.

Optimize and customize hybrid IT protection: Leverage specialized security features designed and optimized for physical servers, virtual machines, and cloud workloads.

Improve the IT and SecOps workflow: Access prevention, detection, and response capabilities at your fingertips — including ransomware rollback, predictive machine learning, device control, host-based intrusion prevention, application control, file integrity monitoring, log inspection, and generative AI support — to accelerate and connect SecOps and IT Ops goals.

Reduce risk and pre-empt attacks: Proactively quantify and reduce endpoint and cross-layer risk with complete attack surface risk management (ASRM) with native network, cloud, and email data ingestion.

Trend Vision One provides security for every layer of an organization’s diverse IT infrastructure, including endpoint, servers, email, cloud services, networks, 5G, and OT (operational technology).

With centralized visibility and policy management for all endpoint types, this latest development provides comprehensive protection, detection, and response (EDR) for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, whether on-premises or in the cloud, from within a single, user-friendly console.

Jason Cradit, CIO, CTO at Summit Carbon Solutions: “With the company’s environment being 100% in the cloud, having a solid understanding of the cloud was incredibly important. We needed a partner that could grow with us in a multi-cloud environment and move as fast as we needed them to while also providing us with a sense of peace that we are secure. Trend Vision One enables us to see and track a threat from potential to attack.”

Trend Vision One is now available on AWS Marketplace. Designed to seamlessly integrate into AWS environments, Trend Vision One offers a cybersecurity platform with a focus on empowering organizations to safeguard their cloud workloads. The platform provides advanced threat detection capabilities and in-depth insights, ensuring a resilient defense against evolving digital threats.

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