N2WS Backup and Recovery enhancements strengthen AWS workload protection

In a significant move toward enhancing business continuity and data security for enterprises, N2WS has launched the latest version of N2WS Backup and Recovery.

This latest release encompasses substantial advancements and new integrations designed to strengthen the protection of enterprise workloads running on AWS.

“The security of workloads on cloud infrastructure such as AWS is paramount as businesses continue to leverage cloud services,” said Sebastian Straub, principal solutions architect at N2WS.

“For businesses, safeguarding valuable data, ensuring regulatory compliance, upholding business continuity, and preserving corporate reputation are necessary. In the face of increasing cybersecurity threats, enhanced protection of AWS workloads is a significant deterrent against potential attacks and a key strategy in cost-effectively managing potential breaches. Securing AWS workloads isn’t just a good practice — it’s a crucial component of successful business operations,” added Straub.

According to research conducted by Enterprise Strategy Group, a mere 10 percent of organizations have completely recovered their cloud-based data. This statistic underscores the room for improvement in reaching the ambitious target of 100 percent recovery. Enhancements in data recovery practices are crucial to bridge this gap and ensure organizations can successfully restore all their cloud-based data in the event of disruptions.

“To achieve this, organizations require additional capabilities such as the ability to manage their backup and recovery in a more granular manner and the ability to achieve near-zero recovery time objectives while restoring either a single file or an entire environment,” said Christophe Bertrand, practice director at Enterprise Strategy Group. “Against a backdrop of increased cyber risk and mounting data management challenges, organizations need these expanded capabilities to form the foundation of their IT and business resilience.”

The significant upgrades and new integrations incorporated into N2WS Backup and Recovery v4.2 encompass the following:

Introducing OpenZFS support for Amazon FSx. N2WS now supports backup and recovery for all Amazon FSx file systems, including Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP, Windows, and Lustre.

Enhanced disaster recovery capabilities for Amazon FSx. Customers are now enabled to carry out cross-account and cross-region disaster recovery for all Amazon FSx file systems. This extended support aids customers in ensuring continual protection from data loss by facilitating effortless and efficient disaster recovery backups for Amazon FSx. Furthermore, Amazon FSx file systems can be integrated into N2WS Recovery Scenarios. This feature assists customers in orchestrating operational recovery and disaster recovery of Amazon FSx in conjunction with other AWS workloads.

Newly added support for Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB Compatibility). Amazon DocumentDB, a document-oriented database (NoSQL), provides flexible schemas and broad query capabilities. With N2WS Backup and Recovery, customers are now able to safeguard their Amazon DocumentDB through cloud-native backups and effortlessly orchestrate the recovery of DocumentDB databases in harmony with other AWS services.

Announcing enhanced disaster recovery for Amazon RedShift. With N2WS v4.2, customers can copy native Amazon RedShift backups between AWS accounts and rehydrate RedShift backups into other AWS accounts. This helps customers ensure they are protected from account compromises and data loss. In addition, N2WS customers can use these new capabilities to migrate RedShift databases to other AWS accounts by simply performing a disaster recovery operation to another AWS account.

Upgrades to Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) Capture and Clone capabilities. N2WS customers employ Amazon VPC Capture and Clone to secure their networking and security configuration, as well as to facilitate data recovery. By capturing networking aspects, security groups, and gateways, customers can guarantee recovery always reverts to a production state. With this release, N2WS’s Amazon VPC capabilities have been expanded to include support for IPv6, cross-account references, and greatly improved scalability to cater to large and complex environments.

Custom tagging enhancements for streamlined recovery operations. N2WS customers are now enabled to attach custom tags to resources during recovery. This feature facilitates the deployment of custom tag schemas as N2WS rehydrates resources. This beneficial feature guarantees that tag schemas are applied to recovered resources from the moment of their creation.

Expansion of operating system choices. N2WS is deployed into a customer’s AWS account as a virtual appliance that orchestrates backup and recovery operations. The N2WS version 4.2 instance is deployed on Ubuntu 22, With this latest release, customers can choose to upgrade the underlying Ubuntu instances to Ubuntu Pro by using AWS License Manager.

“Using N2WS we can orchestrate recovery of entire workloads to other AWS regions and other AWS accounts with a single mouse click,” said Ali El Kontar, founder and CEO Zero&One. “We regularly test our recovery capabilities using N2WS Recovery Drills, and we know exactly what to do when something goes wrong. Preparing for the inevitable outage or failure by testing our response using the N2WS tool gives us the peace of mind we need to support our customers.”

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