Seraphic extends enterprise browser security to collaboration apps

Seraphic Security has extended its enterprise browser security solution to digital workplace apps.

The Seraphic Security Platform works across any browser and any device ensuring both safe browsing and enforcing corporate policies across cloud-based corporate applications such as AWS, Google Workspace, and Salesforce that users access through their browser.

Now, for the first time, enterprises can use the Seraphic Security Platform to deploy uniform security, governance, and DLP policies not only to all the standard browsers but also to collaboration applications including Asana, Microsoft Teams, Notion, Slack, and more.

“Web browsers have been at the center of the digital workspace for years, but desktop apps for SaaS services have become increasingly important—and increasingly risky—to businesses,” said Ilan Yeshua, CEO at Seraphic.

“Collaboration and productivity apps offer new communication channels for employees and other third parties to get work done, but those same channels significantly increase the likelihood of data loss, especially since data can be shared between organizations or accessed from personal devices.” added Yeshua.

As data sharing has shifted from email to web-based storage to desktop SaaS apps, the proxy-based approaches of legacy DLP technologies have failed to keep pace. Seraphic’s new capabilities give organizations the same fine-grained control over desktop SaaS apps that it has provided for web browsers. Organizations can now:

  • Selectively enable and disable user actions such as copy/paste, file upload and download, and screen capture
  • Dynamically redact sensitive data to prevent it from being displayed, as well as inspect the content of files that are shared within the apps
  • Analyze and audit users’ activity, as well as forward events to log aggregation systems

“Seraphic Security was built on the premise that protecting just one browser is not sufficient,” said Avihay Cohen, CTO, Seraphic Security. “Seraphic’s technology initially provided seamless security across all mainstream browsers. Now, with the addition of collaboration apps, Seraphic is extending its security and governance to the entire digital workplace, offering one consolidated solution with unmatched capabilities for all the tools that modern hybrid workforces rely on.”

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