Hunters partners with Kudelski Security to help companies strengthen their cyber resilience

To help companies strengthen their cyber resilience and revolutionize their security operations, Hunters and Kudelski Security have entered a strategic partnership, cybersecurity company Hunters announced.

As part of the partnership, Kudelski Security will integrate the Hunters SOC Platform into their Cyber Fusion Center (CFC) value chain to supercharge its MDR Services and deliver greater security outcomes.

The Hunters SOC Platform ingests, normalizes and analyzes data from all security and IT/OT sources. Leveraging the Snowflake data lake platform for scale and performance, Hunters makes it easy for security teams to store, connect and process huge amounts of data to deliver sharp analytics.

The platform delivers built-in, transparent, and regularly updated detection and investigation capabilities, leveraging sophisticated cross-data source correlation, AI/ML detection models, GPT-assisted investigations, and smart clustering of alerts based on their unique threat context. The platform reduces the cost and complexity of running security operations and minimizes the time to understand, respond (MTTR) and contain real threats.

The partnership comes as more companies have grown frustrated with the unworkable cost models, lengthy data onboarding processes, and limited detection capabilities of legacy SIEM. Meanwhile cyber risks continue impacting businesses of all sizes and industries, necessitating continuous monitoring and comprehensive defense measures beyond simple prevention tools. Recognizing this critical industry trend, Kudelski has taken the lead by joining forces with Hunters to develop a solution that stands at the forefront of SOC technology innovation.

Organizations without a fully-fledged SOC generate substantial telemetry, requiring expert review, monitoring, and prompt action in case of a security breach. This demand for deep operational knowledge and unique technology is at the core of the joint solution’s mission. Customers will be able to capitalize on the unique synergy between Kudelski Security’s distinguished decade-long experience, a world-class team of experts, and global reach, combined with Hunters’ technology.

“Hunters and Kudelski Security are reimagining how technology can empower MDR services to tackle head-first issues like scale, alert fatigue, automation, and transparency. We’re thrilled that Kudelski Security sees the Hunters SOC Platform as a key piece in their ground-breaking services to their customers and allows them to handle the ever-growing risk of cyber-attacks. Personally, I’d like to thank Kudelski’s leadership for putting their trust in our platform and embracing Hunters’ novel approach to modernizing the SOC workflow,” said Uri May, CEO of Hunters.

“With this combination of the disruptive Hunters SOC Platform and our 24/7 award-winning MDR services, our customers will be able to retain as much data as they need, maximize their existing security investments, and gain greater insights across the entire attack surface for faster remediation,” said Jacques Boschung, SVP & Head of Kudelski Security. “This partnership is key to delivering against our commitment to superior total customer experience and to helping our clients reduce risk and strengthen their cyber resilience.”

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