Barracuda Networks and Cork offer cyber warranty services for customers of MSPs

Barracuda Networks is teaming with Cork to offer cyber warranty program created for MSPs to offer to the SMB clients they serve.

Barracuda is introducing the Barracuda Cyber Warranty through its relationship with Cork. This is a financial protection product embedded with Barracuda’s full-stack managed services offering. This enables MSPs to offer complete cybersecurity-as-a-service and elevates the value of the offering by financially protecting customers from some of the financial impact of targeted cyberattacks.

If the customer is impacted in one of these attacks, the warranty provides more understandable, faster payouts, and when combined with third-party cyber insurance helps the customer recover more quickly from the impact of the attack. Combining XDR’s defense-in-depth monitoring with the Cyber Warranty provides a final layer of security — financial peace of mind.

“Barracuda XDR offers comprehensive protection against cyberattacks across the entire attack surface of a business,” said Neal Bradbury, SVP, MSP Business at Barracuda. “By teaming with Cork to offer cyber warranty services, we are providing important financial protection, while enabling MSPs to leverage Barracuda’s advanced technology to help prevent and mitigate cyberthreats. If something does happen to a customer’s business, together we’ve got them covered.”

“Digital assets are critical, yet expensive and difficult to protect. Even with the most sophisticated security solutions in place, it is impossible to remove all threats due to the human element at play,” said Carlson Choi, CEO of Cork. “Barracuda XDR delivers that hygiene by building concentric rings of security layers with extended visibility. Cork complements that approach perfectly, and we’re thrilled with the opportunity to work with Barracuda’s network of MSPs.”

“The introduction of Barracuda Cyber Warranty to the Barracuda portfolio offers a complete solution for our customers. As an MSP, River Run is a proponent of cyber insurance for all customers,” said Paul Riedl, CEO, River Run. “Now, with Barracuda Cyber Warranty, along with Barracuda’s security stack, MSPs can position to clients a total service that can reduce their overall security risk, and thus, reduce the cost of cyber insurance, all in one single package.”

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