BigID introduces Data Risk Assessment for hybrid environments

BigID has introduced its Data Risk assessment reporting capability. BigID’s Data Risk Assessment allows organizations to streamline data security posture reporting, providing comprehensive insights about their data risks and vulnerabilities with respect to sensitivity, volume, location, and accessibility in just a few clicks.

Key takeaways:

  • Comprehensive risk coverage: Gain a holistic view of data risk across data types and locations, including cloud, hybrid, and on-premises. BigID’s assessment incorporates data regardless of location, and aggregates diverse risk indicators for a robust evaluation.
  • Time-efficient and actionable insights: BigID’s Data Risk Assessments are usually completed within hours, not weeks or months. Obtain up-to-date risk posture information for prompt actions to mitigate risks and strengthen security.
  • Pinpoint insider risk data exposure: Identify file and data types most vulnerable to internal or external exposure. Focus on securing vulnerable aspects of data infrastructure to reduce the risk of unauthorized access or exposure.

“As the data landscape continues to evolve, organizations need faster and more efficient ways to assess and manage data risks across hybrid environments. BigID’s Data Risk Assessment Report addresses these challenges head-on, providing comprehensive insights and actionable recommendations in a matter of hours. This solution empowers organizations to strengthen their data security strategies and protect their most critical assets,” said Dimitri Sirota, CEO of BigID.

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