LOKKER launches On-demand Website Privacy Audit for healthcare organizations

LOKKER has revealed the availability of the new On-demand Website Privacy Audit, a feature within its Privacy Edge software suite, geared toward healthcare organizations. This audit summarizes the highest priority privacy risks on an organization’s website.

LOKKER Website Privacy Audit

Healthcare marketers, web teams, and privacy compliance teams can now have a shared understanding of the technologies deployed on their websites that may violate data privacy laws. With a clear understanding of the risks, the organizations can mitigate these significant financial and reputational threats.

Healthcare organizations have been notified by the FTC and Department of Health and Human Services about the privacy and security risks related to the use of online tracking technologies integrated into their websites. The issue is that identifying what trackers, cookies, tags, and pixels are deployed on a website are often difficult to monitor and control.

And in 2023 to-date, there have been over 100 lawsuits filed against hospitals, telehealth, and other healthcare organizations for the use of online tracking technologies. Healthcare organizations, law firms and insurance companies have turned to LOKKER to assist them in identifying the risk both their and their customers’ websites pose, and what steps need to be taken to mitigate that risk.

To address this, LOKKER is making the On-demand Website Privacy Audit available to healthcare organizations. The company’s Privacy Edge suite now offers a tool to scan, score and expose the tracking technologies deployed on healthcare institutions’ websites with these audits.

With straight-forward explanations, the audits include:

  • LOKKER’s Web Privacy Risk Score
  • Explanation of the risk factors that contribute to the score
  • Details about the third-party tracking technologies on the site
  • On-demand, shareable PDF format

“Federal and state regulators have focused heavily on data privacy issues at healthcare organizations. As a result, we are seeing a substantial uptick in demand letters and class action lawsuits regarding these topics,” said Al Saikali, partner, Shook Hardy & Bacon.

“Solutions like this and others from LOKKER will play a key role in helping attorneys defend their clients against these kinds of lawsuits and regulatory actions,” Saikali added.

“Pixels, trackers, and session recording tools are the technologies at the heart of these issues. It’s crucial to remember that when these technologies are added to a website, a healthcare organization frequently has no idea it’s violating any privacy regulations,” said Ian Cohen, CEO of LOKKER.

“Our On-demand Website Privacy Audit will easily empower institutions with the necessary insight, so they can take appropriate actions to mitigate their risk and exposure, which can be seamlessly done through LOKKER’s Privacy Edge suite through its real-time blocking functionality,” Cohen concluded.

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