Malwarebytes releases EDR Extra Strength for endpoint protection

Malwarebytes is revolutionizing endpoint protection for IT constrained businesses with EDR Extra Strength, a new solution that combines the company’s deep historical threat intelligence knowledge with endpoint detection and response (EDR) and AI-driven tools for attack surface reduction and accelerated response.

Even with standard endpoint security deployments, successful attacks are rampant — 83% of organizations have had more than one data breach and 71% of organizations were impacted by ransomware last year.

EDR Extra Strength goes beyond traditional detection and response solutions by combining Malwarebytes’ extensive remediation expertise with simple steps anyone can follow to remediate a threat.

Customers receive:

  • Vulnerability Assessment to identify known vulnerabilities
  • Patch Management to automate the remediation of top-level vulnerabilities
  • Endpoint Detection and Response (including Endpoint Protection)
  • Alert prioritization which filters, prioritizes and categorizes alerts
  • Step-by-step guidance for addressing and resolving critical issues

“Good enough has proven not enough to protect organizations from today’s threat landscape which has become so complex that the majority of alerts generated by traditional EDR solutions are ignored,” said Marcin Kleczynski, CEO, Malwarebytes.

“We’re revolutionizing the EDR field for IT-constrained businesses by combining our remediation roots that focus on all of today’s sophisticated threats – fileless attacks, zero days and ransomware – with AI-driven tools to reduce an organization’s attack surface while guiding and accelerating response,” Kleczynski added.

Benefits include:

  • Attack surface reduction: Neutralizes vulnerability risks by identifying weaknesses and deploying the latest patches to harden applications and operating systems.
  • AI-powered prevention: Uses several AI-powered engines to immediately stop threats at every stage of the attack life cycle.
  • Alert prioritization and streamlined guidance: Uses threat intelligence to enrich data and identify critical alerts that require immediate attention. Notifies customers with guidance for easy remediation.
  • One agent and one console: Easy to deploy in minutes for fast protection or to add additional security modules or services, all managed via a single pane of glass.
  • Auto-remediation: Malwarebytes’ proprietary Linking Engine technology detects and removes dynamic and related artifacts, changes and process alterations to ensure thorough eradication of malware (and ransomware) to prevent reinfection.

“In assessing EDR, organizations must avoid the trap of only focusing on detection,” said Michael Suby, Research VP, Security & Trust, IDC.

“While detection is critical, it is incomplete unless there is an equally reliable response mechanism that interrupts active threats, fully unwinds the changes threat actors made, and plugs the gaps in security posture and cyber defenses to better deflect future attacks. This new and balanced detection-and-response offering from Malwarebytes will assist under-resourced organizations in realizing a positive return on their EDR investment,” Suby concluded.

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