Exabeam and Google Cloud join forces to modernize security operations

Exabeam announced it is expanding its partnership with Google Cloud in the development of generative AI models in its cloud-native New-Scale SIEM product portfolio.

As a Google Cloud partner, the collaborative development process on Google Cloud generative AI products will accelerate the design of AI-based security product enhancements for Exabeam.

“We chose to build the Exabeam Security Operations Platform on Google Cloud, not only for its hyperscale and speed, but for its ability to support the type of technically advanced security products we build at Exabeam. Google Cloud’s current and future innovation in AI are the perfect complement to our security market-focused AI capabilities,” said Adam Geller, CEO, Exabeam.

“We look forward to unveiling the generative AI advancements in New-Scale SIEM that are underway with Google Cloud to modernize security operations in new and previously unimaginable ways,” concluded Geller.

Exabeam developed its user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) by leveraging machine learning (ML), one of the earliest applications of AI in the security information and event management (SIEM) and security markets. Exabeam was one of the first to use AI to increase the accuracy and speed of threat detections and also automate investigations.

In order to counteract alert fatigue faced by security analysts industrywide, Exabeam leveraged ML early to cluster, add context to, and reduce the number of alerts with notable events or users to help improve security team productivity. Exabeam’s ML-based Smart Timelines™ are pre-built timelines designed to automatically reconstruct the events underlying a security incident.

“We’re proud that Exabeam has tapped Google Cloud’s generative AI capabilities to improve its security products,” said Vineet Bhan, Global Head of Security Partnerships at Google Cloud. “We look forward to seeing the impact this will make on businesses looking to enhance security workflows and streamline cybersecurity reports through generative AI.”

By tapping into Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform, Exabeam’s AI and ML capabilities are further evolving to simplify threat detection, investigation, and response (TDIR) design and workflows for engineers, analysts, threat hunters, managers, and CISOs. Exabeam New-Scale SIEM is designed to allow customers to experience faster parsing and data onboarding, higher fidelity detections, investigation productivity gains, and a stronger overall security posture.

The partnership with Google Cloud will result in the use of generative AI by leveraging natural language processing (NLP) to improve search and investigations when giving cybersecurity professionals context and timelines about notable incidents.

Large language models (LLMs) will be used to further reduce the noise of false positives. The resulting innovative advancements are intended to streamline repetitive security operations tasks, improve TDIR accuracy, and ultimately make cybersecurity reports easier to understand for all company stakeholders.

Embedding generative AI into New-Scale SIEM products is also intended to enable assistant functionality to expedite and simplify the investigation process by asking questions in natural language, as well as provide advanced insights and suggested next steps to less experienced security responders and analysts.

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