Trua integrates with Apple Wallet to eliminate the need for physical documents

Trua is integrating its Smart Wallet with the Apple Wallet, providing users an added way to securely share their verified digital identity.

This seamless integration of Trua’s Smart Wallet with Apple Wallet opens up new avenues for people to manage and control their identity verification without the need to share their Social Security number and date of birth over and over again.

Leveraging Trua’s advanced authentication technologies, users can securely store their reusable verified identity either in their Apple Wallet, Trua’s Smart Wallet, or a third party wallet.

“We are revolutionizing the way individuals manage and share their identity in a secure, convenient, and privacy-focused manner,” said Raj Ananthanpillai, CEO of Trua. “Our integration empowers users to take control of their digital identity, streamlining their interactions and enhancing their overall experience.”

The advantages of the integration are many. Users now have the convenience of carrying their verified identity in their mobile wallet, eliminating the need for physical documents or repetitive identity assertions.

They will be able to share their verified identity and credentials with trusted third-party services, authenticate transactions, seek employment, and access a wide range of services, all while without giving out personal information that could expose their privacy and security.

Trua’s integration with Apple Wallet underscores Trua’s commitment to privacy, security, and user-centricity, Ananthanpillai says. By placing the power of identity verification into the hands of individuals, Trua ensures that users can confidently engage with trusted services while maintaining control over their personal information, and businesses can avoid wasting billions of dollars on identity verification systems, storage, and guarding of individuals’ personal information.

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