AtData collaborates with Persona to strengthen fraud prevention

AtData announced its partnership with Persona, a unified identity platform that helps businesses verify their users and fight fraud.

This collaboration reflects an industry that is acknowledging the pressing need for stronger defenses against a myriad of online threats. With data breaches, identity theft, and fraud on the rise, these partnerships represent a promising front against the pressing challenges.

AtData’s email-centric intelligence data will be available in Persona’s marketplace, where their customers can access the largest global email address network that can identify malicious users hiding behind an email address. Persona’s choice in partnership further highlights AtData’s prowess in risk and fraud prevention, reinforcing their position within data focused solutions.

AtData has demonstrated its commitment to innovation for over 20 years, driving industry standards while leveraging its email intelligence data to meet the demand of modern fraud operations teams. Backed by AtData’s advanced machine learning models, Persona’s clients benefit from AtData’s flexible Fraud Services API tied to their historic database.

Tom Burke, CEO of AtData, remarked, “This partnership with Persona is a testament to our shared vision of creating a safer, smarter digital economy. AtData has always believed in the power of data-driven decisions—being added to the Persona marketplace will enable their customers to utilize our expertise in email address intelligence and robust data offerings to help capture more fraud with greater confidence. Together, we’re looking forward to making strides in preventing fraud and ensuring a more secure digital experience for users everywhere.”

Persona, through its platform, has been an innovator in enabling businesses to streamline their identity operations, making services more user-centric and efficient. The integration of AtData’s fraud solution into Persona’s Marketplace will elevate this efficiency to an even higher level, enabling businesses to operate more securely.

“To combat the rising tide of sophisticated fraud, we’ve seen more of our customers incorporate additional risk signals as part of their verification and decisioning process,” says Persona’s Trust and Safety Architect Jeff Sakasegawa. “By leveraging AtData’s expertise in email address intelligence via our Marketplace platform, joint customers can flag additional suspicious users while getting a holistic view of a customer’s riskiness.”

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