Open Systems OT Firewall monitors traffic and detects threats

Open Systems introduced OT firewall service to secure critical infrastructures. The Open Systems OT Firewall provides organizations with a dedicated appliance at the center of operational technology (OT) networks for better visibility and control of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) traffic, enabling fast detection and remediation of malicious activity.

Many manufacturing organizations are adopting IIoT as part of Industry 4.0 strategies, increasing the risk of a breach in their OT environment. According to a survey conducted by SCADAfence, 76% of OT experts said they believe that their OT security risk level is high or severe.

“Most organizations don’t have full visibility into their OT environments. In many cases, a threat can be detected when traffic is leaving the facility out to the internet, but it could be too late at that point,” said Stefan Keller, CPO at Open Systems. “Organizations need to bring visibility into their OT environments. With Open Systems OT Firewall, we provide network security monitoring capabilities to monitor traffic and detect threats, as well as mitigating them thanks to network isolation.”

Open Systems OT Firewall also includes technical support from Open Systems’ expert team to help customers successfully implement thorough network segmentation on the OT firewall. OT segmentation is then easily managed using simple policy and zoning concepts.

“With the growing need to get information from production environments like sensor data, ensuring a secure OT environment has become crucial,” said Dirk Theissen, Enterprise IT Security Architect at GEA. “By implementing Open Systems OT Firewall, we have the security we need with 24×7 managed service from Open Systems. We appreciate the trusted partnership with Open Systems when working on securing critical infrastructure.”

“According to our research, 83% of network teams are aware of OT and IoT devices and sensors connecting to their enterprise networks and 43% of NetOps pros say IoT and OT are major drivers of overall network strategy,” said Shamus McGillicuddy, VP of Research at Enterprise Management Associates. “This mainstream adoption of OT and IoT devices on IT networks means that a robust OT security strategy is no longer a nice-to-have – it needs to be a top priority for organizations.”

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