CyberArk and Accenture join forces to improve identity security for organizations

CyberArk announced that Accenture has expanded its deployment of the CyberArk Identity Security Platform to include CyberArk Privilege Cloud.

The solution enables Accenture to control and monitor privileged access across on-premises, cloud and hybrid infrastructures for clients as well as their own IT environment.

“Accenture is one of our most successful advisory partners with a strong CyberArk identity security practice,” said Matt Cohen, CEO, CyberArk. “Accenture recognizes that a robust cybersecurity program and identity security are competitive advantages that take business resilience and strategic execution to a new level. Given their deep understanding of the security market, we are pleased they will continue to use CyberArk Privilege Cloud to deliver advanced cybersecurity controls for clients, but also utilize it themselves.”

By incorporating CyberArk Privilege Cloud into its own cyber defense-strategy, Accenture benefits from the same level of cybersecurity it delivers to clients, enabling sensitive data and critical systems to be well-protected. CyberArk enables Accenture to securely store, rotate and isolate credentials (for both human and non-human users).

“Keeping privileged access accounts secure across an organization is challenging in today’s complex IT environments. Staying ahead of internal and external cyber threats requires a deep understanding of how to manage and monitor access to these sensitive accounts,” said Rex Thexton, Cybersecurity Protection lead at Accenture. “Accenture is a CyberArk strategic partner, so we know how critical securing identities and access is for helping enterprises keep up with the scale, severity, and speed of today’s cyberattacks.”

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