Allegro Packets boosts analysis performance with new features and enhancements

Allegro Packets is providing network professionals with enhanced functionality with its new Release 4.1. More than 100 new features, improvements and bug fixes are included in the update, which is now available to all customers.

“With Release 4.1, we continue our commitment to improving network analysis. With the new features and enhancements, we offer our customers extended capabilities to analyze their network data. We also implemented features to more easily comply with any privacy policies,” explains Klaus Degner, Managing Director of Allegro Packets.

Improved performance

A highlight of the new firmware is the performance improvement it brings. Release 4.1 significantly improves analysis performance to handle significantly more traffic (40G and more), especially on large systems such as the Allegro Packets device series 3xxx, 5xxx, and 7xxx. This optimized performance eliminates the need for a separate DB mode.

Pcap anonymisation possible

Thanks to an improved recording of Pcaps, they can now be anonymized. The recording dialogue makes it possible to randomize MAC addresses on L2, IP addresses on L3, and even IP addresses in the L7 payload or in STUN packets.

Multiple ring buffers per data carrier

New features include increased storage capacity: the release allows multiple packet ring stores to be created on the same storage device. This means that packet ring stores with different filter rules and sizes can be used on the same storage device, or parts of several storage devices can be used for one or more packet ring stores.

Keysight/Ixia Hawkeye integration

A new Keysight/Ixia Hawkeye endpoint has been added at the management level, which can be configured in the management interface settings and enables a combination of active and passive network analysis tools.

New tunnel view modes

The update also provides an enhanced tunnel view mode: With three different modes, Allegro Network Multimeters meet the requirements of different traffic types. Now, the tunnel view mode can also be filtered for specific IP addresses or interfaces with a complex filter expression.

Timestamps with nanosecond accuracy

Another special feature is the hardware timestamps for packets. For certain supported interfaces (4x25G and 100G extension), hardware timestamps with nanosecond accuracy can now be activated.

Virtual link groups

Virtual link groups can also be defined based on WiFi BSS addresses. This simplifies WiFi analysis and enables comprehensive findings during analysis.

More flexible rights management

The release also includes modifications in user roles and recording rights. The admin user role can now be restricted and recordings can now be configured by restricted or unrestricted rights.

Allegro Packets customers will receive a list of all the features included in version 4.1 by e-mail. The 4.1 firmware update provides improvements, new features, and bug fixes for all Allegro Packets instruments and is available as of now to all supported customers.


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