5 free vulnerability scanners you should check out

Vulnerability scanners delve into systems to uncover security gaps. The primary mission? To fortify organizations against breaches and shield sensitive data from exposure.

Beyond merely pinpointing weaknesses, vulnerability scanning is a proactive measure to anticipate potential attacker entry points. The essence of this process lies not just in detection but in remediation and refining strategies, ensuring that vulnerabilities are prioritized.

Here’s a list of 5 free, open-source vulnerability scanners you can try today.

free vulnerability scanners


Nuclei is a scanner designed to probe modern applications, infrastructure, cloud settings, and networks, assisting in identifying and correcting vulnerabilities. Internally, Nuclei relies on the principle of templates. These YAML files detail how to identify, rank, and fix specific security threats. A global community of security professionals and researchers actively contributes to the template library. This ecosystem, continuously updated within the Nuclei tool, has received over 5000 templates.


Nikto is a web server scanning tool that conducts in-depth tests on web servers. It checks for over 6700 potentially dangerous files/programs, including certain files or programs, inspects for outdated versions of more than 1250 servers, and looks for particular issues in over 270 server versions. Nikto isn’t crafted for discreet operations. It aims to assess a web server as swiftly as possible, leaving evident traces in log files or being detectable by IPS/IDS systems. Nevertheless, it supports LibWhisker’s methods to counteract IDS, whether to experiment with or evaluate an IDS setup.

free vulnerability scanners


Cariddi enables you to take a list of domains, crawl URLs, and scan for endpoints, secrets, API keys, file extensions, tokens, and more.


OpenVAS is a comprehensive vulnerability scanning tool. It offers both unauthenticated and authenticated testing, supports a range of high-level and low-level internet and industrial protocols, provides performance optimization for large-scale scans, and features a robust internal scripting language to design any vulnerability test.

free vulnerability scanners


Wapiti is a tool designed to assess the security of your websites or web applications. It conducts “black-box” scans, meaning it doesn’t analyze the source code. Instead, it navigates through the webpages of the live web application, searching for scripts and forms to input data. After identifying the list of URLs, forms, and their respective inputs, Wapiti functions like a fuzzer, introducing payloads to determine if a script is susceptible to vulnerabilities.

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