LiveAction updates LiveWire to provide visibility for NetOps and SecOps teams

LiveAction has released the latest LiveWire updates, enhancing network visibility, empowering SecOps and NetOps teams, and boosting packet analysis capabilities.

This latest release delivers three major advancements:

  • Do more: the new LiveWire upgrade allows customers to literally see more traffic, thus allowing them to more effectively manage infrastructure, performance and compliance at lower cost and complexity.
  • See more: NetOps and SecOps teams can now store up to 6x more packet information, allowing them to record unprecedented amounts of network traffic at a lower price point and a smaller data center footprint.
  • Know more: Practitioners can playback network traffic over a longer period, thus gaining a greater understanding of their security and performance issues over the long term.

These new capabilities are underpinned by three separate upgrades in the LiveWire product family. These include a 3x boost to existing software with real-time, lossless compression, massive upgrades in the underlying hardware of LiveWire Core and PowerCore appliances which boosts potential density by 600% all within the same footprint. LiveWire has also introduced a SaaS based management layer designed for management of many instances across large environments.

The software release was made to existing customers in late June 2023 and the SaaS based management layer is being piloted by customers now. New appliances will enjoy the benefits of the new software and hardware while previously purchased appliances will automatically get all the benefits of the software release.

Packet analysis and storage is a crucial function for network teams and security experts. Network teams need that data in order to solve network issues and restore performance in real time and understand deeper network problems.

In the meantime, security teams need that data to find and stop breaches in their tracks. Yet both are often hobbled by their inability to retain that packet data. LiveWire offers high-performance packet capture analysis applications to help with exactly this problem and with this new generation of appliances and software releases, customers can retain as much as 6x the packet data – up to 8 petabytes – as they could previously for the same costs and footprint.

John Smith, Founder at LiveAction notes that “network professionals are dealing with a massive uptick in network traffic and yet often their packet analysis capabilities can’t keep up with the sheer volume of traffic that needs to be analysed. This ultimately leads to degradations, outages and security incidents. The new generation of LiveWire appliances will help them accommodate this new reality by upgrading their capacity by as much as 600%.”

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