FileCloud partners with OPSWAT to strengthen data security posture for customers

FileCloud announced a strategic technology partnership with OPSWAT, a provider of critical infrastructure protection (CIP) cybersecurity solutions.

This collaboration aims to empower FileCloud customers to bolster their data security posture through the seamless integration with MetaDefender, OPSWAT’s advanced threat detection and prevention platform.

FileCloud is trusted by tens of thousands of end-users globally to deliver secure collaboration, governance, and safeguarding of sensitive content. Committed to equipping enterprises with proactive security measures, FileCloud collaborates closely with strategic technology partners like OPSWAT to fulfill this commitment.

A key technology of OPSWAT’s MetaDefender platform is Multiscanning, which harnesses the power of over 30 anti-malware engines, aggregating insights from global malware labs. This multifaceted approach significantly enhances malware detection rates, reduces outbreak detection times and minimizes potential exposure associated with relying on a single vendor.

The integration of FileCloud and OPSWAT MetaDefender empowers customers to leverage Multiscanning’s threat detection capabilities when uploading content into the FileCloud ecosystem, thereby protecting against potential threats.

FileCloud’s CEO, Ray Downes, said, “OPSWAT MetaDefender’s cutting-edge threat detection and prevention capabilities, combined with FileCloud’s secure content collaboration and governance solution makes for an ideal partnership. Data is the lifeblood of a modern business and ensuring that the wide surface area it provides to potential threat actors is safeguarded is a vital part of any customer’s security strategy. The integration builds on the principles commonly adopted by CISOs today of assuming zero trust for any inbound files until proven otherwise. We’re excited about the joint value proposition that we can now offer and look forward to addressing customers’ data security requirements together.”

A partnership that harnesses leading technologies

As part of this integration, FileCloud will act as an intermediary, sending an ICAP request to MetaDefender whenever a user attempts to upload a file. MetaDefender will conduct a comprehensive scan for viruses and other threats using its powerful multiscanning technology.

Once MetaDefender completes the scan, it will generate an ICAP response with data on the scan results. Depending on these results, the file will be delivered, or the FileCloud user will be notified that the file is malicious and has been quarantined.

“Making OPSWAT an even stronger partner for FileCloud are the other zero-trust technologies that can be leveraged on the MetaDefender platform, including Deep Content Disarm and Reconstruction (Deep CDR), file-based vulnerability assessment, and adaptive threat analysis with OPSWAT Sandbox,” said George Prichici, VP of Products at OPSWAT. “Through our partnership, we can fulfill our commitment to safeguarding data and delivering comprehensive security solutions that empower organizations to stay one step ahead of evolving threats and protect their valuable assets and critical infrastructure.”

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