New Relic Session Replay aids engineers in issue resolution with video-like playback

New Relic has launched New Relic Session Replay to provide engineers with vital context through a video-like playback feature to reproduce and resolve issues faster. With this, engineers gain a deeper understanding of users’ interactions and optimize digital experiences with a granular view of telemetry data, down to the code level.

Provided as an integrated capability of the New Relic all-in-one observability platform, engineers now have a cost-effective way to capture and scale the number of sessions while also increasing data flow and driving new users to the New Relic platform.

The solution also extends the scope of New Relic Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) capabilities, including browser, mobile, and synthetic monitoring, and combines the power of full-stack and development cycle insights from New Relic APM 360.

All of this helps engineers identify and resolve issues with greater precision and efficiency for greater annual ROI. Strong data privacy and compliance measures like encryption and obfuscation are enabled by default, allowing engineers to analyze user interactions while keeping Personally Identifiable Information (PII) secure and protected.

Key benefits and capabilities include:

  • Playback and improve user experience: Quickly identify bottlenecks and pain points in the user journey with a detailed video-like playback of user actions.
    • Fix code-level issues: Access granular traces and error details to identify the exact code responsible for performance issues and get to the root cause faster.
    • Gain contextual awareness: Understand complete front-end user behavior and underlying factors by analyzing user actions across your environment alongside code-level telemetry data from the New Relic platform.
  • Ensure user privacy: Protect users with client-side privacy obfuscation and encryption to ensure the privacy of their data.
  • Use Generative AI assistance: Coming soon, use New Relic Grok (now in limited preview) to ask any questions in natural language.

“Finding the root cause of issues and customer pain points in modern digital businesses can be complicated and take a significant amount of time,” said IDC Group Vice President Stephen Elliot.

“By leveraging a Session Replay capability, engineering teams can pinpoint where the issue happened and see how the customer responded, allowing them to fix issues faster and deliver a better customer experience. Even so, this can often be a hidden cost, so any solution that builds it into an existing product and makes it available on a consumption basis is a win for customers,” Elliot continued.

“With New Relic Session Replay, we’re combining the power to play back user interactions with our unified telemetry and all-in-one observability platform—all without breaking the bank,” said New Relic CPO Manav Khurana.

“By adding Session Replay into our existing platform, we’re providing our customers with the capabilities needed to create better, more consistent digital experiences while also ensuring an economic way for customers to scale their observability often at a fraction of the cost compared to other solutions,” Khurana concluded.

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