Journey partners with Webex by Cisco to enhance security for customer interactions

Journey announced its partnership with Webex by Cisco to streamline customer experience and enhance security for businesses that utilize Webex Contact Center.

Journey’s integrated identify platform is now available to all Webex Contact Center customers on the Webex App Hub.

“Webex by Cisco puts such a strong focus on security and on customer experience,” said Journey CEO Brett Shockley. “With the new Journey integration, Webex Contact Center customers can elevate their security, privacy and compliance while also significantly enhancing customer experience.”

Journey’s purpose-built identity network enables businesses to make contact center interactions across all voice and digital channels secure and seamless. The integrated identity platform enables identity proofing, authentication, digital disclosures and secure transactions by leveraging the sensors on a smartphone.

The data, inputs or images provided by the caller are encrypted and delivered over Journey’s Zero Knowledge Network which prevents fraud and provides a seamless and fast customer experience.

Journey provides an advanced layer of security with its patented proprietary encrypted identity network, which leverages digital inputs from a user’s smartphone, including through FaceID, images from the phone camera, document e-signing and more. Interactions between the agent and customer are established using verified and encrypted connection.

Journey’s identity solutions are available immediately on the Webex App Hub for integration into Webex Contact Center’s voice channel, IVR and agent desktop.

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