Veriti Agentless OS-Level Remediation boosts scalability and resiliency

Veriti is now offering the comprehensive Agentless OS-Level Remediation to identify vulnerabilities deeply embedded in the operating system. Proactively safeguarding your systems against emerging threats, Agentless OS-Level Remediation reduces overhead, improves scalability and enhances resiliency without agent deployment or maintenance.

Organizations have long since worked in cybersecurity silos – implementing layers of security solutions that often don’t overlap or have visibility into the tool operating next to them. This leaves plenty of room for vulnerabilities to remain a constant threat, which is complex and cumbersome to remediate.

While time consuming and difficult to remediate with limited resources, all common vulnerabilities targeting endpoints can be blocked at the OS-level. Veriti’s Agentless OS-Level Remediation fills that gap, mitigating the risk at the operating system level on the endpoint before it is exploited, and with zero business disruption.

“Veriti is addressing the challenge of identifying root causes across siloed solutions head-on, rectifying the enterprise’s security operations with a single click,” said Adi Ikan, CEO of Veriti.

“Our Agentless OS-Level Remediation was designed to go beyond just detecting the threat, but to provide real-time operating systems adjustments and remediate vulnerable systems. Veriti’s goal is to eliminate complexity and operational friction when it comes to managing multiple security solutions, and we look forward to continuing to alleviate this pressure for organizations,” Ikan added.

Veriti’s Agentless OS-Level Remediation provides the thoroughness needed to safeguard today’s enterprises. It identifies the threat, but also safely performs real-time operating systems adjustments, remediating vulnerable systems and applications with the click of a button.

With Veriti there’s no need for additional software to remediate vulnerabilities, address misconfigurations or fortify local security defenses. Whether it’s at the email security level, network security level, EDR security, or the OS-level on the endpoint, Veriti ensures real time adjustments and effective remediation, preventing breaches that extend beyond the perimeter.

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