Liongard collaborates with Cork to boost MSP cyber resilience

Liongard unveiled a strategic alliance with Cork, a purpose-built cyber warranty company for MSPs serving small businesses and the ISV solutions they manage.

Through this new collaboration, Liongard’s network of over 1,600 MSPs and MSSPs will be able to provide Cork’s warranty offering directly to their customers.

With cyber threats ranking as the top concern for businesses in 2023, US cyber insurance premiums surged 50% in 2022 as increased ransomware attacks and online commerce drove demand for coverage, according to Bloomberg. This has driven the need for innovative solutions that address the challenges of escalating insurance costs while improving cybersecurity postures Liongard’s CCDR platform and Cork’s cyber warranty platform give businesses the power to reduce cyber risk.

Providing Protection from the Inside Out, Cork’s cyber warranty solution offers near-instant financial coverage and settlements after security incidents, which can lead to greater peace of mind for the MSP’s customers.

“Managing the ever-changing tactics of cybercriminals can be daunting for MSPs. This, coupled with the responsibility of safeguarding clients’ sensitive information, requires a high degree of vigilance,” said Carlson Choi, CEO, Cork. “Together with Liongard, we offer MSPs the tools they need to implement robust security measures that will protect their systems and their clients’ data, along with financial protection against cyber threats that can ensure the level of financial stability that comes from prompt resolution after a cyber incident.”

“By teaming with innovative, industry-leading companies like Cork, we can provide comprehensive cybersecurity offerings that empower businesses to adapt to the ever-changing threat landscape quickly,” said Michelle Accardi, CEO, Liongard. “Our collaboration with Cork expedites the underwriting process due to our integration with many of Cork’s essential technology platforms. We are excited for the MSPs who will benefit from the access Cork will gain to deeper configuration data available through Liongard, which will enable better telemetry within the MSP security environment.”

Liongard’s CCDR platform streamlines IT management processes and prioritizes configuration change detection, empowering MSPs to proactively safeguard customer environments, minimize downtime, and drive growth. The Cork warranty solution will be available to both new and existing partners of Liongard’s platform.

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