American Express adds biometric features to SafeKey to help prevent fraud

American Express announced it is adding facial and fingerprint recognition to SafeKey to help prevent fraud and create a simple and intuitive online checkout process.

The company will roll out these biometric features through a new pilot program. Now, when using a device that supports facial or fingerprint recognition, select U.S. Card Members that checkout with SafeKey will be prompted to enable these biometric features. Safekey offers enhanced safety and ease to online transactions, making ID checks stronger, speedier and more intuitive.

“We’re focused on developing solutions that keep us one step ahead of fraudsters, so our Card Members can shop safely online,” says J.J. Kieley, VP of Digital Identity & Commerce Experiences at American Express. “Now, checking out safely and securely is as easy as unlocking your phone. SafeKey’s biometric facial and fingerprint recognition minimizes friction while maximizing security for our Card Members at checkout. It’s how we check in when you checkout.”

How it works

When you check out online, SafeKey’s technology works in the background to make sure it’s really you using your card, and if needed we’ll ask you to confirm it’s you with a code, app notification – and now, for eligible Card members, face or fingerprint ID. SafeKey is built on 3-D Secure technology and authenticates purchases made using American Express Cards online at participating merchants.

Fingerprint and facial recognition for SafeKey were developed by using Web Authentication technologies from the FIDO Alliance and World Wide Web Consortium. These technologies create a simpler authentication process with higher security over passwords alone and are supported on all major web browsers as well as iOS and Android platforms.

Pilot enrollment

A select number of U.S. Card Members will be eligible for the pilot program after completing a security validation during the SafeKey checkout process and using a device and browser that support facial and fingerprint recognition. These features will be rolled out to all U.S. Consumer Card Members in early 2024.

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