iboss introduces Splunk Enterprise Security capability

In an era dominated by increasingly complex cybersecurity threats and the undeniable importance of meticulous data management, iboss unveils a new feature – the Splunk Enterprise Security capability.

This latest addition will redefine the paradigms of data log collection, visibility, and processing.

The expansive digital transformation has brought forth immense benefits for organizations worldwide. However, this migration evolution introduces challenges. Among them is the effective gathering of security log data across vast and multifaceted network environments such as remote users, cloud infrastructures, data centers, and office locations.

Traditional methods, such as log collection to an on-prem SIEM, often need more efficiency and have repeatedly resulted in fragmented data logs and dashboards, not to mention the uphill battle organizations face when attempting to access and inspect encrypted data.

iboss introduces the Splunk Enterprise Security capability to answer these multifaceted challenges. By adeptly decrypting and inspecting HTTPS data and all traffic from all users, devices, and resources, the Splunk Enterprise Security feature assures a thorough and consistent data log collection of traffic, local or global. In addition, the capability significantly enhances the efficiency of your Splunk Enterprise Security by automatically populating your dashboards with this valuable data.

Key features

Unified log collection approach: Leveraging the capabilities of iboss Cloud Connectors, devices and networks are effortlessly merged into the iboss Zero Trust SSE. This ensures a singular hub for access, security, and logging, regardless of location.

Revamped Splunk dashboard experience: The Splunk Enterprise Security dashboards undergo a transformation upon integration with iboss Zero Trust SSE. They become hubs of rich, actionable data, significantly enhancing threat detection and response times.

The Splunk Enterprise Security capability by iboss has the following benefits:

  • Holistic log data collection: It ensures automatic and exhaustive log data collection from all traffic streams from users, devices, and resources.
  • Elevated endpoint data capture: With its nuanced approach, it associates endpoint data with logs, offering a magnified perspective on security incidents.
  • Accelerated threat response: Automatic dashboard population translates to real-time threat intel, empowering organizations to respond with unmatched speed.
  • Operational and cost efficiencies: The direct and indirect costs associated with multiple product integrations, from manpower hours spent on setup and troubleshooting to potential downtimes and data inconsistencies, time and costs are considerably reduced.

“We believe that by simplifying complex processes and enhancing data management, we empower businesses to focus on what truly matters, making informed decisions and safeguarding their future.” said iboss CEO Paul Martini.

The Splunk Enterprise Security capability is a testament to iboss’ unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries in security measures and decision-making processes. It promises not only enhanced cybersecurity infrastructure visibility but also a compliant and operationally efficient environment.

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